How To Make 1000 A Month (8 Fresh Ideas!)

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Are you sick and tired of racking your brain on ways to bring in more income? You know the same old survey taker, odd jobs online and food delivery service gigs just aren’t going to cut it. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to show you how to make 1000 a month using skills or tools you probably already have. 

Read on and check out our list of easy jobs that make good money! 

Pet waste removal services

If you can get past the smell and physical task of cleaning up pet waste, this hack costs virtually nothing to start up. After that, all you need are some gloves, a waste scooper, trash bags, a trash bin, and a vehicle to tow away the waste. 

As money starts to flow in, you can offer add-on services like deodorizer and pet walking for an extra fee. Most pet waste removal services charge an initial clean-up fee of around $50-$75, followed by $15-$30 per clean-up, depending on the size of the yard and the number of dogs. 

Looking to gain more exposure? You can invest as little as $50 for 500 custom business postcards on Vistaprint. Simply drive around your communities, place your custom marketing pieces on fences or doormats and wait for the phone to start ringing!

In-home daycare

Most parents worry about childcare when it’s time to go back to work. Why not create a business that helps parents in need by providing a safe, nurturing, and creative environment for their little ones. Keep in mind, each state has different licensing requirements and guidelines when it comes to an in-home daycare, look into your local laws for more details. 

For most parents, childcare is essential and if you stand out from the rest, you can easily charge at least $35 a day per child. If you offer additional services like meals, after-school programs, extended hours, or specialty classes like Spanish or STEM, expect your fees to increase and children to thrive!

Sell an online course or membership

Are you a natural-born teacher or educator? Why not cash in on your skills and expertise by selling an online course or membership site and create passive income. Thinkific is an all-in-one platform offering tools, support, promotion assistance, pricing, and publishing of your content. 

Packages start at $49 a month. However, depending on your course offerings, you can charge upwards of $200 per course or membership! The cherry on top is that you can work on your business and make money at your convenience! 

Electric scooter charger

In most major cities, you can see people whipping around on electric scooters. The majority of these scooters are made by popular companies like Bird and Lime. After someone’s done using a scooter, they can leave it wherever their journey ends or if the battery dies. These companies eliminated their need to drive around picking them up to charge them by paying anyone to scoop them up and charge them. 

Download the Bird or Lime app, apply to become a Bird Charger or Lime Juicer, and get anywhere from $3-$20 per scooter depending on location and battery charge. The app locates scooters in need of a charge and drop-off location once charged. Charging takes anywhere from 4-5 hours, depending on battery level, and can plug into a regular outlet.

Rent out your bike 

Depending on demand, location, and climate, bike rental services can be a great supplemental income. Apps like Splinlister allow you to drop off your bike at a particular location and rent it out. 

Additionally, you can list your surfboards, paddleboards, skis, and snowboards for as much as $50 a day. Although it is free to list your rentals, Splinlister keeps 17.5% of any profits made. 

Teaching yoga online 

Are you a self-proclaimed yogi or active yoga instructor? Advertise your services to the yoga community through social, Youtube, or

For only $29 a month, you could easily make that money back by charging $200 per person for a 30-day beginners course. Keep in mind, there’s a bit of investment involved with starting online yoga classes like camera, editing, and computer equipment.

Walking dogs

Wag! and Rover are two of the most popular dog-walking and pet sitting mobile apps. After completing their free dog training and background check, you can make anywhere from $10-$15 an hour. Once you complete the Wag! dog training, you’ll be taken care of with liability insurance in case anything happens to you or your furry friends. 

Search engine evaluator

Do you love technology and browsing the web? Appen offers remote-jobs involving AI (artificial intelligence) tasks and evaluation of social media platforms or search engines. Companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft hire Appen to get human input and improve their services, products, or technology. 

If you’re looking for long-term work of 6 months or more, you can sign up for an Appen connect account, create a user profile and apply. Short-term gigs more your speed? Apply for a micro tasks application on Appen Contributor Portal

The rate of pay ranges from $3/hr to $20/hr depending on the project, experience, and administration date. While this gig might not make you $1000 alone, it’s definitely a worthy income supplement!

Easily earn up to $1000 this month!

These unique in-demand ideas are sure to put some dinero back into your pockets! From college students to the recently retired, these are easy jobs to get and can be done by almost anyone. So, put on your walking shoes or get comfy in your yoga pants and get to work! 

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