How To Make Money During COVID-19

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The coronavirus is having a major economic impact on millions of Americans. Maybe you’ve been let go from work or have had your hours cut short. We’ll eventually get through these tough times, but you might be needing some cash in the meantime. Here are some ways to earn extra income.

Understand Your Financial Position 

If your income has been put on pause, you could be able to defer some upcoming bills. Many lenders, utility companies, mortgage lenders, and landlords are allowing deferred payments. Make a call to your providers and ask if you qualify. It’s best to use the money you have for everyday necessities like medicine, food, and water. You can read about how to navigate your payments here.

Where To Find Work Quickly

After you’ve deferred any bills you can, take a look at these possibilities for extra work.

Search For Online Jobs

Lots of jobs can be done online. Look through different job sites for remote work that applies to your field. You could also try freelancing. Sites like and are a great resource to find freelance gigs.

Apply On The Spot At A Grocery Store

Grocery stores are experiencing an enormous influx of customers. Many are looking to hire extra workers to help meet demand. Head to your local grocery store and ask about any openings.

Deliver Food and Groceries 

Many people are unable to leave the house at all. You could offer grocery shopping services to your community. Get started by sending out emails with your contact info or sign up through delivery apps like UberEats, GrubHub and Shipt.

Ask Your Work For Different Responsibilities

Workplaces are shifting priorities, which means other jobs at your workplace might need to be filled. Ask your employer if there’s anything that needs to be done – like deep cleaning, delivery services, kitchen work, customer orders, remote tasks, or more.

Teach an Online Class

If you have a skillset – teach an online class. Many people looking to keep busy are willing to pay for online lessons on a second language, art, fitness, and more. Parents are also looking for new ways to keep their kids occupied with extra tutoring or online classes.

Apply for a Loan

Maybe you have a source of income but need some extra cash right away. You can always apply for a zero-interest cash advance or low-cost loan.


A cash advance can help you fill the gap in your finances when your income takes a hit. Instacash is the easiest way to get a 0% APR cash advance – without worrying about a credit check. You can get up to $250 instantly by logging onto the MoneyLion app or online. Instacash is available with a monthly membership. 

Credit Builder Loan

This loan is ideal if you need to borrow more than $250. It’s also a great way to boost your credit score! You don’t need to have great credit or even any credit history to qualify. The lender will report all your payments to credit agencies so just make sure to stay on top of your payments and your score will likely go up.

You can borrow up to $1000 and receive same day funding with a MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus account. MoneyLion helps you stay on track of your payments and is a great tool for learning to manage your finances. The majority of MoneyLion customers were successful in raising their credit scores by over 30 points in the first two months of membership!

Reach Out To Your Customers

If you are a small business owner, reach out to your customers for support. Many service-oriented businesses are offering discounted gift cards to their customers to get them through this pandemic. 

Apply as a Phone Representative

Customers are needing extra assistance during the outbreak and are calling their banks, government agencies, airlines, and more. Many organizations are hiring phone representatives to meet extra demand.

We’ve noticed several government websites needing assistance in processing calls in states like Washington, look into your state’s website or large companies near you to see if they are offering immediate employment at this time. You can also find other opportunities on Indeed.

We Will Get Through This

Tough times happen, but they never last forever. Thankfully, there is a lot of relief available. Many organizations are stepping up to offer support. It’s important to stay calm and keep updated on new relief developments. CNBC is keeping a helpful running list of government relief, as this situation changes almost daily. And you can go straight to the source at

For more resources, keep checking the COVID-19 section of our blog here. We’ll be updating it with new information regularly.

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