How To Make Side Money in the Military (8 Flexible Gigs)

By Cameron Walch
how to make side money in the military

Military deployment and side hustles may not go hand in hand. You’re either home or you’re not home, which makes it hard to plan on starting a side gig. 

There are multiple different side gigs that you can start to make extra monthly income. We will go over numerous ways for you to generate extra monthly income on a regular basis when you are home. These side-money gigs can also be pursued by military wives and military husbands as well.

Why are you looking to make side money in the military? You may want to start a hobby, pay bills, or save for a house. No matter your reason, here’s how to make side money in the military using our top 8 tips!

1. Property preservation

Property preservation is the process of taking care of a house that is owned by a bank. When preserving property, you’ll be in charge of multiple tasks, such as performing regular cleanings, landscaping, boarding up windows, making repairs, or painting walls. The average property preservation vendor can make $19 an hour.  

Tools needed: Depending on the task at hand, you may need landscaping equipment, cleaning tools, handyman tools, painting tools, and a van or a truck to haul your gear.

Pro tip: You can either do the job yourself or you can find subcontractors to do the work for you. This can be a great relocating business if you are the admin and you can continue to find subcontractors in the area. 

2. Landscaping

Landscapers are part of an industry that is forever thriving. Property owners modify areas outside of the homes of people who do not have the tools, time, or equipment to do it themselves. The average landscaper makes roughly $18 per hour, unless you become the head of a landscaping team, in which case you are known as a landscape architect, which can bring in nearly $30 an hour. 

Tools needed: You need to be ready to work year round no matter the weather or the season. You may need to use your own yard equipment depending on your projects. 

Pro tip: Small, private companies tend to pay their workers more than larger companies. Try to seek job opportunities with smaller businesses because they will also be more likely to train you.  

3. Television extra

Streaming services are making TV shows and movies more accessible than ever before. The entertainment business is very popular and it continues to grow, meaning actors and actresses are always in demand. If you are not good at acting, but you want to get involved, then you should consider becoming an extra! All you’ll have to do is show up and exist in the background of TV scenes. You can make more than $50 an hour as an extra.

Tools needed: A phone and a reliable internet connection is necessary so that you can communicate with hiring managers.

Pro tip: Build a relationship with a casting crew. This will help increase your camera time.

4. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a freelance platform for physical labor jobs. People in your area are posting jobs that ask you to perform tasks like cleaning the bathroom, organizing the kitchen, mounting a TV, or planting flowers. These jobs range in terms of pay, but the average pay for a task on TaskRabbit is $36 an hour. There are new jobs added every single day! 

This option is perfect for people who struggle to commit to a full-time job. Check out these other side hustles that don’t require a long-term commitment.

Tools needed: You’ll need to download the TaskRabbit app on your smartphone, as well as have access to reliable transportation.

Pro tip: Spend time enhancing your profile. You will land more jobs with a better looking profile. 

5. Starbucks

Starbucks is generally pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling. This comes in handy when you are looking for a more flexible income stream. You can make up to $15 an hour as a barista. 

Tools needed: All you need is reliable transportation!

Pro tip: You might get raises when you work harder. Be friendly to the customers – they tip. 

6. YouTuber

As part of the military, you travel to different areas frequently. A lot of people find military vloggers and traveling content very entertaining. Making money on Youtube is possible, especially once you reach 1,000 subscribers.

Youtube will pay you based on the amount of views that your videos receive. Becoming a YouTuber is very lucrative over time.

Tools needed: You will need an internet connection as well as a camera to record videos and editing software to edit them.

Pro tip: Include affiliate links in your video descriptions for additional revenue sources. Also, there are many small businesses that will pay larger YouTube channels to promote them. 

7. Catering

Catering is the best gig. You’ll get to go to parties and bring good food with you. Unfortunately, you will be required to work the party and you don’t get to eat any of the food. 

This is a great weekend job for people eager to make some side money while being part of the military. As a caterer, you can earn about $14 per hour.

Tools needed: You may need to buy your own professional attire if the company you work for does not provide one for you.

Pro tip: Caterers often receive tips at the end of the night. Maintain good manners during the entire event and you’ll likely end up with a nice little bonus. You can always start your own catering business and hire contracted workers to work the events while you are deployed.

8. Photography

I have a friend that used to send me photos of his view from a blackhawk helicopter at least once a week. The views that he had the opportunity to experience in real life were incredible. 

Being in the military lets you go places that are not accessible to the everyday person. So, capitalize off of your adventures by taking photographs and selling the pictures. If you don’t sell them, at least post them on Instagram and start creating a following on social media.

Tools needed: You will need a phone with a decent camera, if not an actual camera. 

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Pro tip: There are a lot of photographers out there so you’ll have to find a way to stand out. There are many resources that can help you get your name out there as an established photographer, like Unsplash.

Military hustle

Making side money in the military is definitely possible. Most hiring managers are very likely to be flexible with their scheduling, especially if you let them know you are in the military. There are endless opportunities for you to apply your military work ethic! Go have fun grinding your way towards financial happiness.

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