MoneyLion is bringing women back to the workplace with the “Women Who Roar” community hub

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[New York, New York, March 15, 2021] MoneyLion’s commitment to the lifelong financial well-being of its customers and members just roared into the workplace. In addition to providing financial products and services, MoneyLion is dedicated to providing educational resources and mentorship needed to level the playing field for today’s female workforce and for future generations of female leaders.

The female US workforce needs this support urgently. After decades of progress, COVID-19 lockdowns have forced many working women to stay home, fundamentally challenging their responsibilities as professionals and primary caregivers. For the first time in modern history, women are losing more jobs and have higher unemployment than men – exacerbating the existing wage gap.

  • 2.5M+ women have dropped out of the labor force between February 2020 and this January, compared to ~1.8M men.
  • 56%: Women’s labor force participation rate, which is at its lowest level since 1987. Women of color have been especially affected.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Enter Women Who Roar, a diverse and vibrant community hub powered by MoneyLion and dedicated to empowering women to survive and thrive professionally. It connects women looking for work with experts, supporters, and potential employers. Through a LinkedIn page and blog, Women Who Roar is a place for women to go for advice resources, community forums, and job opportunities. 

Women and their allies can connect via two online forums:

Women Who Roar Blog. Where women and their allies can find:

  • Inspiration and advice about jobs and careers.
  • Financial education to help women set course for the future.

Women Who Roar LinkedIn page.  

  • Helping job-seekers connect with opportunities. Members can post job openings available at their companies. 
  • Helping recruiters find today’s most motivated talent. Recruiters are invited to make Women Who Roar a top destination for untapped potential.

We’re stronger together

We invite you to join with MoneyLion in bringing back women to work. Please spread the word and support Women Who Roar.


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