Happy National Puppy Day – Why You Should Adopt A Furry Friend Today!

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national puppy day

Are you constantly on the internet browsing for pictures and listing in search of the perfect puppy companion? Well, today, we’re honoring the ultimate companion and loyal sidekick – our precious pups! Whether you already have a furry family member or you’re thinking about adding one to your family, there are a few things to consider.

8 reasons why you should adopt a puppy 

Here are our top 8 reasons why you should adopt your pooch, skip the pet store and bring home a new loved one. 

1. Save a life

When you adopt a pup you’re literally saving their lives. The length of time a shelter will keep a dog depends on the local laws, company policies, or capacity. Depending on the shelter, animals can face euthanization when it’s too full, the breed, age or health issues. 

2. Companionship

Feeling a bit down in the dumps from social distancing? According to this national survey, over 85% of surveyors claimed to have a dog has helped them reduce the feeling of loneliness. There’s a reason a dog is called a man’s best friend!

dog laying with it's owner

3. Health screenings

Adoption of a dog through a shelter or adoption agency typically comes with a full health screening and report. These dogs are treated for illness and disease, given vaccinations, neutered, and will not be released for adoption until they’re well enough to take home.

4. Make new friends safely

Now that you’ve got Fido by your side, it’s easy to safely make new friends. Being outdoors at your local dog parks and outdoor venues will give you an excuse to get out of the house, get some exercise, and meet new people while doing it.

adopt a puppy

5. Teaching kids responsibility

On top of explaining to your kids the value of pet adoption vs. pet stores, teaching your children how to care for their pets will help them learn responsibility. Have your kids be in charge of feeding their dogs, grooming them, and helping with daily walks. 

6. Get pets off the streets

More than 6 million animals are put into shelters every year. Although dog adoptions soared in 2020, there’s still plenty of cuddly cuties waiting for you to make them a part of your family. Not only are you rehoming a precious animal, but you’ll be helping shelters make room for other homeless pets in need.

7. Cheaper than buying

Buying a dog from a pet store or breeding can cost up to a couple of thousand dollars! Not to mention, the possibility of your pet having illnesses or diseases coming home. When you buy from an adoption shop, you can put your mind (and wallet) at ease knowing all those costs are typically taken care of at an affordable price!

puppy playing

8. Dogs put you at ease

Feeling anxious and stressed out? This study shows that having a dog can drastically reduce the long-term mental impact of stress and anxiety for you and your loved ones. A few minutes of playtime and petting your dog is the perfect cure for a worried heart. 

Adopt, don’t shop!

Welcoming a new puppy into your life won’t only bring you happiness, it’ll make you healthier too! From morning walks to family cuddles, you can rest assured that giving a once homeless pet a loving home is good for everyone!

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