How to Find an Online Payday Loan in California

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Do you have a regular source of income but are having trouble making your paycheck stretch until your next payday? You might find yourself considering what your options for a cash advance are.

Millions of Americans that need cash quickly – and without a credit check – resort to payday loans. While these loans may appear convenient, they come with high interest rates and fees that could leave you paying hundreds more than you initially borrowed. We’ll take a look at all your options available, so you can make the best decision. 

Options for Payday Loans in California

Payday loans are different from installment loans because they need to be paid back in full by a specific due date. Coupled with high-interest rates and fees, these loans are actually some of the most predatory lending methods around. Here is what you will need to know if you decide to take out a payday loan in California.


  • You will need to be at least 18 years old
  • There is no credit score requirement to apply for a payday loan in California.
  • You will need to show proof of regular income. Some lenders may even set a minimum income requirement.

Credit Impact

Payday lenders will not typically look into your credit report. You can qualify for payday loans even if you have poor or no credit. However, failing to make payments on time will harm your credit score.


The state of California will only allow you to take out one payday loan at a time. You will not be able to take out another loan unless you have paid off the original in full.

Max Loan Amount

The maximum amount for a payday loan in California is $300. Your loan term will be capped at 31 days. If you fail to pay everything you owe by the due date, you will not be allowed to rollover your loans.


The interest rate on payday loans in California is at 460% APR. You will face an additional fee of $15 in case you do not have sufficient funds when your loan is due in full. You won’t be charged for paying your loan off early.

Payday Loan Alternatives in California

Payday loans can be dangerous – especially if you are unable to pay them back in full by their due dates. The state of California does not advise borrowers take out payday loans unless they have exhausted all other possibilities. The good news is that you do have other options! There are plenty of alternatives to payday loans that are online and more affordable.

Ask Employer 

Some employers offer services that could help you receive your paycheck early. It’s worthwhile to check your company’s benefits to see if you are eligible for such a service. However, be prepared to pay a small fee.

If your company does not offer any type of cash advance service, you could always try asking your employer directly. Although there’s no guarantee, your employer may be surprisingly understanding.


Instacash is a zero-interest cash advance that allows you to get up to $250 from your paycheck as often as you need – instantly. You can access it anywhere and anytime through the MoneyLion app. There is no credit requirement, and you won’t have to risk negatively impacting your credit score because Instacash doesn’t report to credit bureaus.

Instacash is available with no monthly fee. You can read more about Instacash here.

Credit Builder Loans

If you’re looking for a loan larger than $250, apply for a credit builder loan like MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus. These loans are designed to help you build your credit – unlike payday loans. Depending on your qualifications, you may be able to receive up to $1000 instantly from MoneyLion and be able to pay it back at a low-interest rate. Plus, as a Credit Builder Plus member, you’ll get access to Instacash and more at no additional cost.

MoneyLion will report your monthly loan payments to credit bureaus – so as long as you are keeping up to date on payments, your credit score will likely go up. In fact, more than half our members raised their credit score by over 27 points in their first 60 days!

 Find A Online Loan In California

InstacashCredit Builder LoanLocal Payday Lender
How Much Can You Borrow?Up to $250Up to $1,000$300
Fees & Interest0% APRCompetitive APR, $19.99/month fee– Up to 460% APR
– Additional $15 charge if you have insufficient funds on the due date.  
Impacts Your Credit?NoYes, it builds your credit score. Yes, will harm your score if you miss a payment
AvailabilityOnline & MobileOnline & MobileSometimes online, in person
Wait TimeInstantly*InstantlyAbout 24 hours
Next StepsSign UpSign Up
*24-48 hours to receive your advance at 0 cost. $3.99 for instant deposit to your MoneyLion Bank Account, $4.99 to instantly deposit to an alternative bank account.

There’s More Than One Kind of Cash Advance

Whether you have an unexpected bill or a sudden financial emergency – cash advances can offer you more financial flexibility. But not all cash advances are equal. While traditional payday loans charge high interest rates and fees that can do more damage than good – there are many more online alternatives that could help your situation and your finances in the long run.

MoneyLion can help you with your immediate and long-term financial needs. With a monthly membership, you’ll gain access to zero-interest cash advances and credit building loans. MoneyLion can also help you with your long-term financial goals. 

You can also open a checking account with MoneyLion and gain access to services and tools that will improve your overall financial outlook. From fully managed investing to 24/7 fraud protection, find out more about what MoneyLion can offer you.

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