Who’s Hiring Right Now During Coronavirus?

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Companies are announcing that they’re seeking to hiring over 800,000 people to keep up with increased demand during the coronavirus pandemic. These jobs are mainly focused around groceries, retail, fulfillment, and delivery.

List of Everyone Hiring During COVID-19

Check out this running list below of who’s hiring if you’re looking for work during these unprecedented times.

  • Grocery delivery company Instacart is looking to add 300,000 new gig workers.
  • Walmart announced it will hire about 150,000 temporary workers by the end of May.
  • Amazon intends to hire 100,000 workers.
  • CVS said it was hiring 50,000 to meet exploding demand at its stores.
  • Dollar General is looking to add up to 50,000 employees to its workforce
  • Albertsons — the parent company for Albertsons, Safeway, Randalls, United Supermarkets and several other food and drug retail chains — wants to hire 30,000 new employees.
  • Pizza Hut announced plans to hire 30,000 permanent workers
  • Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar, plans to hire 25,000 workers.
  • Papa John’s is hiring 20,000 new employees
  • 7-Eleven expects to bring on 20,000 new store employees.
  • Domino’s is hiring more than 10,000 workers.
  • Pepsi said that it wants to hire 6,000 full-time, frontline employees
  • GE Healthcare needs additional manufacturing employees to build medical ventilators
  • The medical community is looking for as many health care providers as possible. New York City has even asked private and retired providers to help in hospitals, and many cities may follow suite.
  • Blue Apron, the meal-kit service, is hiring workers for temporary and permanent positions in New Jersey and California.
  • Trader Joes announced that it is hiring as well.
  • Many other grocery chains (including Kroger) are looking for workers, as are shipping businesses, online learning and remote work firms.

Keep an Eye Out for Job Openings

I got a great email from my local grocery store Safeway this week that said, “We’re hiring! Come down to see us and get a job. But, given the current situation, let’s just not shake hands.” I like their style. So keep an eye on your usual emails from grocers and stores to see if they’ve added on a message that they’re looking for team members!

Some regions like New Jersey and Los Angeles are setting up websites to help local job seekers — Google search your city with phrase like “hiring during coronavirus” to see if your area has done the same.

The information and links in this article are current as of publish date.

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