Will Black Friday Still Happen This Year?

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It’s November, and holiday shopping is starting. Despite all that’s happened in the past year, Americans still plan to spend about $1,000 in retail this 2021 holiday season. But will Black Friday still happen this year for holiday shopping? We’ll walk you through when the best deals and how you can save the most money. 

Are stores open the day after Thanksgiving 2021?

Black Friday falls on November 26, 2021, and quite a few major retailers have already announced that their brick-and-mortar stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t worry! Many stores like Macy’s and Best Buy open early on Black Friday with major savings throughout the weekend and on Cyber Monday. 

Online vs in-person

Online shopping has continued to increase over the years, especially with Amazon Prime’s free shipping perks. Most retailers have tried to follow suit. Since the pandemic, eCommerce sales have increased by 17.9%!  The biggest shopping day of the year is Black Friday, and people line up hours before stores open to get their hands on their Christmas gifts at a discount. This year you can expect to see more online deals and in-person deals spread out over the next few months to keep shoppers safe. 

Due to supply chain issues, retailers are offering sales earlier this year. This way, they can have a better time meeting demand. It may be worth it to start shopping online now. 

Curbside pick up

One holdover from the pandemic is curbside pickup. Curbside pickup makes holiday shopping easier. From sporting goods stores to pet stores, nearly every kind of business offered curbside pickup. Avoid the crowds and cut your shopping down. Welcome to a world where you can pick up your groceries for Thanksgiving and then pick up your Christmas presents without stepping foot into a crowded store. Curbside pickup for the win!

Should I wait until Black Friday to start shopping?

Due to supply chain issues, you won’t want to miss out on the gifts on your loved ones’ holiday lists. Get a jump on shopping now. This year you won’t be limited to one day of hot deals. Retailers are already offering discounts today. 

Retail experts forecast that the weekend after Black Friday through Travel Tuesday will be a hot weekend to look out for special online sales. Shop around for upcoming deals online and make a list of what you want to purchase on those deal days. With a bit of organization and research, you could have all your shopping done well before Christmas arrives – and could save tons!

Are Black Friday deals worth it?

Yes! Black Friday deals are worth it, especially if you need to buy gifts. The early bird really does get the worm, and MoneyLion makes it easy to maximize your savings. Get cash back deals at your favorite store while you shop this holiday season. 

Look out for these additional holiday savings dates

Think of Black Friday as more of a shopping season. Deals no longer occur in just one day. Check out our overview of holiday savings dates for 2021. 

Cyber Monday – Electronics Deals

Cyber Monday was created back in 2005 and has grown to a billion-dollar online sales day for online marketplaces like Amazon. You will find sales on all your favorite electronics like cameras, computers, and cell phones. Most businesses with an online presence tend to extend savings on Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday is November 29, 2021.  

Travel Tuesday – travel discounts

Travel Tuesday is the day after Cyber Monday, where you can snag killer travel deals. People have been cooped up and are ready to get out – both domestically and internationally. The travel industry is still recovering, so you can expect some great deals. Were you looking to schedule your family trip next year? This is one of the best days to buy flights and vacation packages for 2022.

Travel Tuesday is November 30, 2021

Super Saturday – last Saturday before Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas boasts huge sales and savings on your last-minute shopping needs. You can find these deals online and in person. Luckily, Super Saturday allows for a whole week before Christmas this year!


What Black Friday deals can I shop for now?

Most stores are offering Black Friday deals now to encourage shoppers to shop early. 

Is it better to shop before or after Black Friday?

For Black Friday 2021, we are still experiencing supply chain issues, so we recommend shopping early. 

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