Automated investing into a managed investment account is an almost effortless ways to consistently set aside money for your goals. You could turn $20 a week into $1,000 in a year with a few clicks.

Automatic Investing
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Q. What Is Automated Investing? A. GROWING YOUR MONEY ON AUTOPILOT.

Automated Investing is the simple process of scheduling a recurring transfer from your bank account into an investment account. It helps you stay disciplined and invest consistently over time, which is the right way to grow your money.

Need an investment account? Sign up for our fully managed investment account, and we’ll create a personalized portfolio and investments for you. Then we’ll manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis, all for one simple account fee of up to $5/month.1 Once you have a portfolio, you can turn on Auto Investing in a few clicks.

Automated investing is like putting your savings on autopilot so you can reach your goals faster. And with us, you can choose any amount and select the timing.

Learn more about auto investing and our easy-to-use, fully managed investment account here.

Choose the Amount and Timing That Work for You

With Automated Investing, you choose the amount to invest and the frequency. Many of our investors choose $20 a week, which adds up $1,000 invested in a year. What would you do with $1,000? Consistently setting aside money is a proven way to build the wealth you need to reach your goals.

Unlike many investment firms, we don’t impose investment minimums or penalize you for changing your mind or needing to make adjustments if your financial situation changes. You can cancel or change your Auto Invest anytime without fees.

You can open a MoneyLion Investment Account, set up automated investing, and be on a personalized path to your goals in as little as 5 minutes. Give yourself a chance to build a brighter future today with Auto Invest.

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Setup Auto Investing in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Join MoneyLion by downloading the MoneyLion app and opening a MoneyLion Investment Account.

Step 2: Answer a few simple questions to receive our recommendation for a personalized investment portfolio that is within your risk comfort zone.

Step 3: Securely link your bank account to the MoneyLion app so you can make fast, secure transfers into your investment account.

Step 4: Set up Auto Invest to schedule recurring deposits into your MoneyLion Investment Account. Then sit back and relax as your account grows on autopilot!

Learn more about how to invest on autopilot with our automated investment management service here.

The Pros of Automated Investing Services

Many financial experts encourage the proven “pay yourself first” method when it comes to budgeting and growing your nest egg. And that is exactly what automated investing does! It sets up a regular schedule by which you pay yourself money toward your future.

You can think of your Auto Invest deposit like a “bill” from yourself. You’ll be paying yourself — whether it’s $10 a week or $50 a month — and that money will go straight into a managed investment account with your name on it where it can grow for your future.

Put yourself first today. You deserve it.

Invest Smarter with Auto
Investing from MoneyLion

Pursue Growth

Auto Investing lets you automatically benefit from dollar-cost averaging, which helps you take advantage of attractive stock and bond prices over time — minus the stress (and likely failure) of trying to time your trades.

Achieve Your Goals

Automatic investing helps you reach your money goals faster by removing the possibility that you’ll forget or spend the money on something else!

Set Your Schedule

Time your automatic deposits to coincide with your pay dates, so you can move some of your pay right into an investment account where it can grow. Skip your Auto Investing any time with no fees or hassle. Then resume your Auto Invest to keep building your account

Stay in Budget

Cash flow a little tight this week? We will check your balance before each Auto Invest transfer and lower the amount or skip it if we think taking the full amount would cause your funding account balance to dip too low

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