10 Smart Food Hacks That Will Save You Money


Everywhere around us, prices on groceries and food are skyrocketing, but don’t let that burn a hole in your wallet. Do you want to know the secrets that big brands don’t want you to know? We have the goods.

  1. Check yourself outNo, seriously. Using the self-checkout lane can help you dodge temptation and those last minute impulse buys. The average person spends $314 per month on impulse purchases–in general. Don’t be one of ’em.
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  2. Know thy shelfTo get more bang for your buck, shop the high and low shelves in grocery aisles. Companies pay more for the eye level shelves and in turn charge more. Also check the clearance aisle, you might find what you want on sale.
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  3. Buy off brand Getting what you want at the grocery store doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Most store brands offer the same product and ingredients as the well-known brands.
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  4. Trick your brainShopping with a cart will cause you to want to fill it up. Instead use a basket or a smaller cart. As it gets full, you’ll be more likely to check out instead of shopping for things you don’t need.
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  5. Shop for groceries onlineYou can cut the hassle and costs, up to $1,200 a year, when you order groceries online. Many retailers have the option or you can try an app like Misfits Market with exclusive savings on high quality organic products.
  6. Scan your receipt for savings Tap apps like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards and earn cashback or rewards for buying select items or scanning your grocery receipt. Earn instantly or save money on your grocery bill over time.
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  7. Timing is everything You can grab an extra deal when you shop on certain days and times. Bulk grocers start weekly specials on Wednesdays while markdowns anywhere typically happen at night. Shop smart and while you’re at it–ask about merch clear-outs for more savings.
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  8. Save money and avoid food waste Pay less, eat well and make an impact by saving perfect food from going to waste with apps like Too Good To Go. They’ll connect you to restaurants and stores that have a surplus of unsold food.
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  9. Starbucks split hackSay you’re in line with a friend at Starbucks and you both want the same Grande drink… order a Venti and ask for an extra cup. Split the drink in half and get a tall drink for half the price. Try it.
  10. BOGO your lunch or dinnerMany restaurants offer a buy one, get one deals on food delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash. You can cut your spending in half and guarantee your next meal.

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