10 Smart Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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Tired of living off ramen noodles and cheap beer? Look no further, we have student hacks that will have you living like a baller on a budget. From easy ways to save on textbooks to discounts everyday items, these tricks will help you stretch your dollar further.

  1. Fly for less It’s all about timing. Book your flights on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. This is when prices are usually lower. Plus you can use apps like Hopper and Skyscanner to find great deals.
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  2. “Are you still watching?”Ever scroll on Netflix and realize there’s nothing to watch? Simply cancel your account, which will save you money. Plus, if you reactivate your subscription within 10 months, all your profiles will be there waiting for you.
  3. Save on hygiene products Looking to save a buck? Consider checking out the baby aisle. Seriously. It’s the same cotton balls, sunscreen and other items, but are often cheaper in the baby’s section of a store.
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  4. Recycle your old clothes You know those old clothes you have laying around? Big name retailers such as H&M and North Face will give you a discount on your purchases for recycling clothing you don’t use. Sometimes as much as 15% off.
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  5. Jobs that can help pay for collegeEveryone in college could use a good side hustle. But did you know there are jobs at places such as UPS and Chipotle that may pay for your college tuition? So when looking for a job, double check if they offer any scholarship programs.
  6. Use your student card for everything it’s worth During these 4 important years, you can get discounts from a lot of companies with a student email or ID card. These include: Student checking accounts, Spotify, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Plus, you could get GrubHub+ for a whole year when you open that Amazon Prime account and Microsoft Office for free. Sometimes it pays to be a student.
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  7. Flip your items for cash Need quick cash? Consider flipping any unused items, like old phones or watches, on sites like Mecari or OfferUp. You can even get free or cheap items on here and sell them for a quick buck.
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  8. Cash in your college notes Who knew your college notes were worth money? As a student, you can upload your notes from sites like Studypool, and be paid just for your notes from a previous class.
  9. Get textbooks for cheapWe all know textbooks are pricey. But if you scour Amazon and other sites, you can find discount codes and cheaper options for your books—letting you save up to a hundred dollars or more at the start of every semester.
  10. Procrastinate your tech purchasesIf you wait until fall to buy new laptops and iPads, that’s when the back to school promotions are on. Save money with student discounts and you could also score a printer, headphone, speaker or other gadgets on a discount.

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