3 ways to get a loan if you have bad credit

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If you need to borrow money and have bad credit, you may be wondering where to turn. Here are three options that can help. And, after you get your loan, remember you can sometimes raise your credit score by paying on time, which will improve your loan options in the future.

Ask a close friend or family member, as long as you know you can pay them back promptly. Document your loan terms and sign an agreement. Personal proof: I borrowed $2,000 from my mom over two years. She gave me a lower rate than the bank and made a little money herself.

Try peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. P2P lenders match you with non-traditional lenders, not banks. They look beyond your low credit score to see your overall financial history, your occupation, and other factors to get a better view of your potential. Some P2P lending platforms help you borrow from friends, making the process more official and trackable.

Check with a local credit union. Unlike for-profit banks, credit unions are smaller, nonprofit organizations that can offer you lower fees and more personal service.? Type “credit union” into Google to find one near you.

Want regular access to a low-rate loan with no need to reapply?

If frequent borrowing is making it hard for you to save and causing you stress, Try Credit Builder Plus Membership. You can apply for this lending option right from your phone with no hard credit check. It’s possible to qualify for a loan up to $1000!

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