10 super fun (and cheap) date night ideas

Treat bae on a budget ❤️

With all the pressure of making sure your sweetheart feels special on date night, it’s easy to overstep your budget. But remember, spending time together is more important than spending big bucks. We came up with 10 fabulous yet affordable date night ideas to impress your bae.

1. Plan a lovey-dovey photo shoot

Travel to all your favorite spots in the city and take those lovey-dovey photos that make your single friends sick. Be sure to choose a few pics to print and put in frames.

2. Go on an adventure

Get your endorphins flowing by going on an adventure with your love. If the weather is nice, plan a bike ride around a local park. Don’t have a bike? You could also put on some comfy shoes, and go hiking.

3. Visit a local museum

Whether it’s your first date or your tenth anniversary, going to a museum is always a great date-night activity. Museums provide a quiet space so you can talk with your sweetheart (not to mention they give you something to talk about — art!).

4. Go to a drive-in movie

Going to a drive-in is a lot more exciting than going to the same old movie theater you and your significant other frequent — and much more private. Cozy up with blankets, and get comfortable in your own car.

5. Stay home and cook

Want to stay in and avoid the crowds? Open up a bottle of wine, put on some tunes, and cook up something delicious together. Don’t skip the dessert.

6. Sip wine and paint

Wine-and-paint locations are all the rage across the nation, so take advantage of a spot near you. Bring your partner’s favorite wine, and see how well you can paint a piece of art. Try making it a competition with your date; see which one of you is the next Van Gogh, and which one of you should still be finger painting at home.

7. Take your date to a ballgame

Knock date night out of the park by surprising bae with tickets to a local game. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football, or hockey, cheering on your favorite team is always a great date night idea. If they win, celebrating after is even more fun!

8. Host a game night

Invite your friends over and break out the board games for a night full of laughter. This date night idea is also a great way to let your new romantic interest get to know your friends.

9. Hit the ice skating rink

Show off your ice skating skills by bringing your date to a rink near you. If you aren’t so blessed on the ice, you’ll both laugh at each other falling all over the place. It’s also an excellent opportunity for some hand-holding action.

10. Go bowling

Is bowling right up your alley? Get competitive with your partner over a game — it ’s the perfect opportunity for some flirtatious smack talk. Order a few pitchers of beer and invite some friends along for even more fun.