April inspiration from frugal MLB players

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It’s April, and Major League Baseball (MLB) is underway — ready to delight us through spring and summer and straight into the crisp, cool fall. Each year when baseball reemerges, it ignites nostalgia and excitement in many of us, as we start to anticipate the fun summer months to come.

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And as baseball fever starts to take hold, check out this savings inspiration from some of MLB’s most frugal baseball players. ⚾️

Three penny-pinching MLB pros

Thanks to Fanatics for educating us about these savers. Even though they make a lot of money, these guys prioritize saving for the future.

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals ??

Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals is mature beyond his years when it comes to saving. Although he makes an annual average salary of $17,625,000, Bryce is a loud and proud owner of the coveted “free burritos for life” card from Chipotle and uses it to save money all year long.

Want a free-burrito card for yourself? You’ll have to up your Twitter and Instagram game and get Chipotle to notice you. It’s somewhat of a mystery how Chipotle chooses cardholders, but it seems to select celebrities and social media influencers. So start tweeting!

Ryan Roberts, Boston Red Sox (retired) ??

Have you ever considered couch-surfing, moving back in with your folks, or sleeping in your office to save on rent? If so, you have something in common with Ryan Roberts, who played for several MLB teams and retired from the Boston Red Sox.

The story is that Roberts had leased an apartment in Phoenix, where he expected to play for the Diamondbacks. However, he was unexpectedly sent to the minors in Reno. Rather than pay rent in two cities, he started crashing in the minor team’s clubhouse. He’d play video games, help himself to the stocked fridge, spend the night, and be ready to go for the next day’s game.

Using the MoneyLion app can help you discover many money-saving tips that are far easier to accomplish than sneaking around a minor-league clubhouse.

Daniel Norris, Detroit Tigers ?

Now for another frugal player who has gotten creative with housing to save money. Reports say Daniel Norris, a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, lives on a budget of under $1,000 a month and drives a 1978 Volkswagen van. He reportedly has even lived in his vehicle to save on rent. ?

Rumor also has it that David hit the mall after receiving his $2 million signing bonus, and instead of buying expensive items, he purchased one henley shirt for $14. Way to keep it real.

Keeping a budget like Daniel is one of the best ways to get control of your finances and see your savings start to increase. Try our budget template to get started.

Everyone should save for a rainy day

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