Checking Account Rewards – Does Your Bank Reward You?


If you’re looking for a new bank, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Nowadays, there are a ton of options to choose from. But that doesn’t mean all banks are equal. 

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your bank. Are you looking for a bank that will offer you a checking account bonus without charging you high fees? If so, make sure that flashy checking account bonus offer isn’t intended to distract from a whole lot of fees in the fine print.

Take a look at our guide for the best online rewards checking account.

Checking Account Bonus Offers

RoarMoney is an online bank account from MoneyLion that has the added bonus of generous cashback rewards. Like most traditional banks, your RoarMoney account is FDIC-insured and guaranteed for up to $250,000. Unlike most traditional banks, your RoarMoney account comes with bonuses and rewards. Take a look at some of RoarMoney’s most notable perks. 

MoneyLion Referral Program

If you are a Credit Builder Plus member, when you recommend a Credit Builder Plus membership to a friend or colleague and they sign up – you’ll benefit from the MoneyLion referral program. MoneyLion’s referral program gifts you $10 for every friend that joins Credit Builder Plus.  If you refer 5 friends, you’ll get $50 – refer 10, get $100. The earnings can quickly add up because there’s no limit on referral bonuses!

To get started, all you need to do is send out your unique referral code. You can find your referral code on the MoneyLion app. Once you’ve opened the app make sure to tap your profile picture to go to the Main Menu. On the Main Menu, make sure to tap Referrals and you’ll see your unique code. You can share your unique code with friends and family over text and start receiving rewards immediately! 

Cashback Debit Card and Virtual Card

Most banks will only offer you cashback when you make purchases with a credit card. It may seem like you’re earning rewards – but you’re actually just being incentivized to increase your credit card debt. Coupled with high APYs, it can be easy to fall into a dangerous cycle. 

With a RoarMoney account, you’ll automatically qualify for a rewards debit card. You can earn cashback on everyday purchases with money you do have – not money you’re borrowing. 

You’ll earn rewards just by shaking your phone after purchases! Shake ‘N’ Bank gives you rewards on all your everyday purchases that are at least  $10. 

Earn Cashback Points When You Shop Online

Earning debit card points has never been easier! In the Rewards tab, you’ll find popular retailers that offer cashback and the opportunity to earn up to 2,500 points per transaction. Note that shopping must be done via the MoneyLion app’s Rewards tab to earn.

These points can be redeemed for deposits to a MoneyLion Investment Account deposits, where they can grow along with your Shake ‘N’ Bank rewards for your future! (Or you can withdraw them, if you prefer.)

Learn more about rewards, points redemption, and deals here

Free Budget Tracking

Many people pay top dollar to work with a financial planner. A financial planner can help people track their spending, create a budget, and monitor their financial health. MoneyLion gives you these tools to manage your finances for free. And they use sophisticated artificial intelligence to provide personalized financial advice in the app.

MoneyLion can help you create a budget and track your progress in maintaining it. With a RoarMoney account, you’ll get weekly reports that outline your spending habits and divides them according to categories. This will help you get a sense of where your money is going and how you can cut out unnecessary expenses.

Plus, you’ll have the Financial Heartbeat feature to help you monitor your financial health. The Financial Heartbeat is available through the MoneyLion app and lets you know how well you’re performing across 4 key financial categories – Save, Spend, Shield, and (Credit) Score.

Price Protect Your Purchases

No matter where you shop, know that you’ll always be getting the best possible price when you pay with your MoneyLion debit card or virtual card. Your RoarMoney account is price-protected. If you buy something with your debit card and then find a lower price for that same item within 90 days of your purchase date – you’ll be refunded up to $250 for the difference. 

Your Search for a Checking Account Bonus

The RoarMoney account also offers 55,000 no-fee ATMs, early paycheck deposits and won’t charge you minimum balance fees, foreign transaction fees, stolen card fees, or replacement card fees. Plus you’ll be able to access and manage your account from anywhere and at any time through the mobile app.

Do these checking account bonuses sound like something you want to benefit from? Start by downloading the MoneyLion app. Once you sign up for a RoarMoney account, you’ll instantly receive a virtual debit card you can start using it immediately. 

Your RoarMoney contactless physical debit card will arrive in the mail within 10 days of signing up. Remember to activate your virtual card and physical card right away. You’ll also want to add money to your card and set up direct deposits for additional perks. 

MoneyLion is a financial company that offers savings, spending, borrowing, and investing solutions. Whether you are looking for free, immediate cash advances or want to build up your credit with a Credit Builder Loan – MoneyLion has financial products that will make your finances roar!

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