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October 2018 update: Zero-Fee CheckingSM is now available with a MoneyLion Core or MoneyLion Plus membership. MoneyLion Core is our newest free membership that includes a Zero-Fee Checking AccountSM, a Zero-Fee Managed Investment AccountSM, and 0% APR InstacashSM cash advances. Learn more about America’s most powerful financial membershipSM at

Money weighs heavily on Americans’ minds

Money is consistently one of Americans’ top stressors, according to the annual Stress in America survey undertaken by the American Psychological Association (APA). A GoBankingRates survey provided additional context, showing that Americans’ biggest financial fear is “never being able to retire,” followed by “always living paycheck to paycheck” and “living in debt forever.” A 2018 LendingTree poll found that nearly half of Americans say "unexpected expenses" is their biggest worry.

One solution addresses every financial stress factor

To help ease these pain points, Americans need access to affordable credit, an easy way to save for the future, and personalized financial advice. We designed MoneyLion Plus (learn more: online | mobile) to provide exactly these benefits.

Now, on top of low-rate loans, guided investing, and $1 daily cashback, MoneyLion Plus will also offer VIP banking that frees you from traditional bank fees and makes saving money even easier!

MoneyLion Plus checking will have no ATM, overdraft, or minimum balance fees and will offer fast 0% APR cash advances, loan transfers, a MoneyLion Plus debit card, and more.

Bank on financial freedom with MoneyLion

MoneyLion Plus is alleviating stress and improving financial health for 22,000+ members and counting:

“I’ve been with MoneyLion Plus since Feb 2018 … I’ve received $25 Walmart Gift card, my credit score went up 40 points so far, and got plenty of points. It’s definitely working in my favor. MoneyLion, Thanks for allowing us to get ahead … every little bit helps. ❤️”

— Stacey K., MoneyLion Plus member

Get exclusive early access to banking by joining MoneyLion Plus now (learn more: online | mobile). You’ll be one of the first in line when banking is launched in the coming months.

Or join the ==banking waitlist== to be notified when it’s available. Prepare to say goodbye to overdraft fees forever. #LifeWithoutFees

Tips for managing stress

Everyone feels stress from time to time — these tips from the APA may help:

  • Be kind to yourself: Remind yourself that it can take time for stressful situations to resolve. Be patient with yourself.
  • Reflect on success: Chances are you’ve successfully overcome stressful events in the past! Give yourself credit and reflect on past coping techniques.
  • Take your advice: Ask yourself, “If a friend came to me with this worry, what would I tell her?” Imagining your situation from the outside can provide fresh perspective.
  • Exercise: Physical activity helps reduce stress for many Americans and has significant health benefits too.
  • Take action: Volunteer, march, or sign a petition to support causes you value. It’ll help you feel in control and connected to your community.

For more, read the APA’s 10 Tips for Dealing With the Stress of Uncertainty.

Checking accounts will be offered through a third-party partner bank, Member FDIC.

MoneyLion Plus general disclosure: MoneyLion Plus membership required. View full terms and conditions here.

MoneyLion Plus investment account: * Not FDIC Insured or Bank Guaranteed * May Lose Value. The guided investment account is subject to risks, including but not limited to the loss of principal. Not bank or FDIC insured. This advertisement should not be construed as a recommendation regarding the suitability of purchasing a particular security or securities in general.

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