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When you sign up for MoneyLion Crypto and join our prize pool.

MoneyLion believes all hard-working Americans deserve easy access to cryptocurrency. So we’re offering a share of up to $1 M Bitcoin to anyone who opens a crypto account. Because here, we roar.

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  1. Open a RoarMoneySM account
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The more people join, the bigger the prize pool gets — up to $1,000,000. So now everyone can easily access crypto.

Crypto for all

We’re giving everyone a seamless and responsible way to access crypto with their spare change.

Round Up to crypto

Every purchase can build your crypto account, so you can start small and grow with confidence.

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Use your RoarMoney account to securely fund your Bitcoin or Etherium wallet without worry 24/7.

Bank, borrow, invest, and grow — all in one app

With MoneyLion, you can handle all of your financial needs — including crypto — from one simple app.
Now, earn your share of the $1M prize pool!

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