Entrepreneur, Nely Galán, Shares Her Journey on Becoming Self Made

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nely galan

Author, entrepreneur and producer Nely Galán sits down to talk about financial independence for women. 

Nely Galán immigrated with her parents to New Jersey from Cuba in 1967 leaving behind all of their possessions and finances in search of a better life for themselves and their family. While the move was tough it gave Galán the opportunity to achieve the American dream. She states that all though they may have wished they had bright more from their home country to make things easier, they never gave up. 

“I learned early that bad things can happen to good people – make yourself over in all parts of your life starting with your money.” 

This same mentality was instilled in Galán at a young age that there is always a silver lining to any misfortune or difficult situation. She has used this drive to succeed in her career path in television production and eventually becoming a mentor and author of her book Self Made

 When it comes to Galán’s financial philosophy, she wants women to learn and be more confident when it comes to money and business. Women are often the number one spenders and she thinks they should be the number one earners too! If you live in the United States, you have to know how the financial system works, it’s all about earning, saving, and investing consistently. Her next book, called Don’t Buy Shoes Buy Buildings will be about forgoing the short-term gratification of something you might want today and channeling those funds into something you could use and profit from in the future.   

“Don’t buy shoe buy buildings when you change mindset you change your life.”

When asked about the toll the pandemic took on women in business, Galán highlighted that no one knew this was going to happen and for how long but the women who started a business or a side hustle are going to be the ones who come out of this pandemic on top. She also reiterates that 100 years ago there was another pandemic and right after our country lived in the decade of the Roaring ’20s. If you’re not familiar with the 20’s era, it was a time when people spent money on luxuries, real estate boomed and businesses saw increased profits following the recession. 

“Remember 100 years ago there was a pandemic – good things are coming after horror I promise you.”

Want to reap the benefits of an entrepreneurial lifestyle? Check out Galán’s latest book Self Made. From there you’ll learn how earning, saving and investing long-term need to be pillars in your life. If you’re looking for a bank that can help you in all aspects, look no further than MoneyLion. We’re the mobile bank that gives you tips along the way and partners with fierce women in finance like Nely Galán.

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