Environmental Investing – What Is It and How Can You Get Started?

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Are you committed to playing your part in helping preserve the environment? Want to improve your own personal future at the same time? Then why not invest your hard-earned money in environmentally conscious companies? 

It’s an ideal way to start building wealth while also saving the planet. You’ll be contributing to a meaningful cause that’s important to you while striving to earn a return on your money. 

Environmental investing is a form of socially responsible investing. Investors focus on companies that offer eco-friendly products and services or focus on environmental issues impacting the world.

They do their due diligence to ensure the companies are genuinely eco-friendly and don’t just claim to be, or look for a solution like MoneyLion’s Greater Good portfolio that has already done the work to research companies and select powerful ETFs aligned to environmental investing 

Environmental and Green Investing 

You may have heard or seen the above terms talked about or even on some of your favorite household products. Environmentally Friendly and Green are often used interchangeably but have some slight differences based on what they produce.  

An environmentally friendly company may produce a product that focuses on limiting waste, reduces the use of chemicals, or operates on alternative energy. For example: chemical-free cleaning products, sustainably-made clothing and biodegradable single use products to name a few. 

Green companies are typically the producers of new innovative technologies that create a more sustainable world. For instance producers of solar panels, equipment that cleans the oceans, water conservation companies and more. 

For the most part, both green and environmentally friendly companies pride themselves on making a conscious effort to minimize waste, clean the earth, provide fair wages and fall in the ESG (environmental, social and governance) sector. 

Getting Started with Environmental Investing

If you are interested in becoming an environmental investor but not quite sure where to start? Let MoneyLion do the legwork work for you with a fully managed investment account. There are no account minimums, and you won’t pay management or trading fees. 

When you open a free Managed Investment Account, you will receive a personalized, diverse core portfolio. As a MoneyLion member, you will also have the opportunity to participate in thematic investing, which allows you to focus on investments that closely align with your values and personal interests. MoneyLion offers the Greater Good portfolio, which invests in ESG and SRI ETFs.

Opening an account is simple and just takes a few minutes to complete your profile and select your interests and comfort level. 

  • Download the MoneyLion App and create an account with your email address
  • Open a MoneyLion investment account in the app for just $1 a month, no matter how much you invest or how how often you decide to change your investments 
  • Answer four simple questions about your goals and risk tolerance and MoneyLion can suggest the best-diversified portfolio for you
  • Tap Edit Allocation to adjust your investment mix to be more or less conservative or to add a portfolio theme
  • Choose the Greater Good Portfolio and set the percentage of your portfolio that should go into the Greater Good portfolio vs your core MoneyLion portfolio
  • Link your bank account and transfer any amount into the portfolio
  • Pro Tip: Turn on Auto Invest to make investing even easier!

Turn Your Green into More Green

Investing can be fun, environmentally conscious, and make a huge impact on your finances. You don’t have to be an expert or spend hours researching where to invest; MoneyLion will handle everything for you. 

Simply create your investment profile and choose The Greater Good portfolio type to start investing in companies that you can feel comfortable knowing that they are treating the earth with kindness and developing new technologies that will provide a safe place for generations to come.

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