Epic staycation ideas on a budget

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Squeeze in a last-minute vacation, without the cost

Unable to find any last-minute vacation deals? Have a staycation instead. Savor the weekend or take a day off work to spend with the family before summer comes to an end. Here are 10 epic ways to enjoy a rejuvenating vacation without going far from home:

Host a themed dinner

Just because you aren’t traveling abroad this summer doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you are. Try hosting a themed dinner where each guest brings a dish from a specific country of your choice. You can also base your decor and music around the traditions of that country. Extra credit to guests who come dressed accordingly.

Pitch a tent and go camping (kinda)

Try setting up a tent in your backyard and camping out. If you have young kids and aren’t sure if they’re ready for a full-blown camping trip, this can be a great trial run. Set up the fire pit, roast some marshmallows, and rough it (while having the comforts of home only a few steps away).

Go on a tasting tour of your city

Research some of the hot restaurants with unique dishes in your city and go on a tour. Do some research on Yelp or ask other locals what their favorite hot spots are. Get some friends together and make it a group tour. If the restaurants are all within close proximity, then try walking or biking from one spot to another.

Treat yourself to the theater

Don’t have access to a broadway show? Try watching some local talent. Many colleges and local theater groups will host shows even during the summer months. Who knows? You could be watching the next Brad Pitt on stage.

Cheer for your local sports team

Nothing says summer like eating hot dogs and peanuts at the ballpark. Don’t wanna pay to watch the major league? Try checking out the minor leagues and supporting one of your local baseball teams. Teach the kiddos to sing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for some all-American fun.

Take in a matinee on a Tuesday

Most theaters will have discounted tickets on the latest movies during the day, when seats don’t usually fill up. If you have some time to kill and can’t wait to see the newest blockbuster movie, try going on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You’ll probably have the place to yourself.

Support local businesses at the farmers market

Going to the farmers market is a great way to support local farmers, artisans, and other business owners. You’ll also find super cool specialty products that may not be available anywhere else.

Check out some live music

Live music venues are a great way to enjoy a night on the town during your staycation. Check local bars and concert venues for the hottest acts passing through town. Many cities will host free concerts during the summer season at churches and public parks as well.

Soak up the sun

Because 39% of Americans live in counties directly on the shore line and much more live near inland lakes, chances are you have access to a beach (even if it isn’t the most extravagant). Soak up the sun at a nearby beach and build a sandcastle while you’re there.

Run a board game tournament

Sometimes staying in the house is the best way to spend your time off. Especially on rainy summer nights. Try hosting a board game tournament for you and the family. All-time favorites include Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Uno. The winner could be rewarded with a week off of doing chores.

Still need some more staycation ideas? Check out these additional ways to enjoy summer when vacation is out of the question.

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