Fast Credit Repair Tips With Our Credit Monsters

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In the labyrinth of personal finance, there are unseen creatures lurking in the shadows, ready to strike at the heart of your financial well-being. Scary right? While these monsters can haunt your financial dreams and goals, MoneyLion can help show how to repair credit fast and reclaim your financial security.

Meet the scariest credit monsters, but don’t worry—we’ll also show you how to defend your credit and beat them.

The Collection Creeper

Payment history is 35% of your credit score and this sly foe thrives on unpaid debts. Quietly accumulating in the darkness, ready to strike when you least expect.

But here’s your secret weapon: MoneyLion’s credit monitoring. We’ll help you track your credit score and notify you about any changes in your credit. The best part? It’s free with the MoneyLion app!

The FICO Psycho

Your FICO score* is how lenders determine your interest rate or whether you get approved for loans. And this relentless adversary’s power lies in damaging those credit reports with late payments and high balances, leaving a trail of financial chaos in its wake.

MoneyLion has Partners ready to counteract this menace. They specialize in removing negative items from all three major credit bureaus, and repairing credit fast. With their expertise, your credit score can be restored to its former glory.

The Dream Shredder

Being able to sniff out low credit scores from miles away, this monster can tear apart dreams of homeownership, new cars, and financial stability.

His weakness? 

Experian Boost. Raise your score by getting credit for bills you’re already paying like phone, utilities and even things like Netflix. It’ll banish the Dream Shredder by elevating your score by doing things you normally do.

Impulsive Imp

This is a cunning trickster of personal finance who thrives on impulsive spending, leading you down the treacherous path of maxed-out credit cards and financial turmoil. 

The antidote? The 30% rule. By keeping your credit card limit under 30% of your limit, you’re more likely to keep a good or excellent score. This will keep you better equipped to build a solid financial foundation and achieve your long-term financial goals.

The Loan Lurker

With student loans coming back, this formidable adversary has been waiting in the shadows—ready to haunt your financial peace of mind. 

MoneyLion offers a tool for free personalized consolidation offers that empowers you to regain control of your debt. By consolidating your student loans, you can simplify your payments, potentially lower your interest rates, and create a clear path toward financial freedom.


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