Five Easy Steps to Getting Started With Credit Builder Plus


Welcome! Congrats on starting your credit-building journey with Credit Builder Plus. Did you know that most members improve their credit by over 27 points within their first 60 days?* You’re so ready for this! 


Five easy steps to get started

Here are the first five steps to begin maximizing your membership. You have a powerful financial starter kit in the palm of your hand. Ready, set, go!

  1. Build your Streak to boost your Lion’s Share payouts
  2. Explore the RoarMoney mobile banking account
  3. Get to know your Credit Builder Plus loan
  4. Explore your Instacash benefits
  5. Start investing in a personalized portfolio

You’ll find a bonus step at the end too. Please try to contain your excitement! Start these steps today. 

Step 1: Build your Streak in the app

The MoneyLion app is your financial easy button, helping you manage your money and lower your stress. So start logging in daily! As a Credit Builder Plus member, you are eligible for monthly Lion’s Share payouts, and getting the biggest payout of $19.99/month requires daily logins and making purchases with a RoarMoney account. Keep your Streak going by opening the app and swiping until you reach the Financial Heartbeat every day.  

You can also maximize your benefits by connecting your financial accounts to the app. It’s secure, and you’ll be able to manage all of your finances in one place. Track your spending, income, credit and more in the Finance tab and in the Financial Heartbeat. And get personalized alerts, financial advice, and savings tips. 

Go the Finances tab to link your accounts now.

Step 2: Explore the RoarMoney mobile banking account

Your membership can get even stronger and more rewarding if you also have our RoarMoney mobile banking account. You can be eligible for the highest monthly Lion’s Share payout by making at least 20 purchases over $10 with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or RoarMoney virtual card per month. Learn more about the rewards and benefits here. Plus,

Step 3: Get to know your credit builder loan

As a Credit Builder Plus member, you get access to a credit builder loan. If you’ve taken it, you’ve now received a portion of the loan funds in your checking account. You’ll find the rest of your loan saved for you in a Credit Reserve Account in your name. Pop over to the Finances tab in the app to see it anytime! When you pay off your loan, you’ll get to access the cash in your Credit Reserve Account in about 10 days. Learn about other options here

We’ll be reporting your payments to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian every month to help build your credit score. Paying on time can have a powerful credit-building effect! Explore the Credit tab in the app, where you’ll get weekly credit score updates. 

Step 4: Explore your Instacash benefit

As a Credit Builder Plus member, you get automatic access to $50 or more in Instacash advances. Tap the Instacash button on the home screen or in the Finances tab to explore. With access to 0% APR advances, you can top off your account day or night when you need a little extra cash. 

Want more Instacash? Set up recurring direct deposits into a RoarMoney account to increase your Instacash limit to up to $250! 

Step 5: Start investing with as little as $5

Investing is the key to financial security, and the MoneyLion Investment account makes investing as easy as banking. Check out the account in the app. You can deposit any amount, any time — and we’ll make your money work as hard as you do, with no asset-based management fees. 

When you deposit money, whether $5 or $50 or $500, we’ll invest it for you in your personalized portfolio with no management fees. The sooner you start investing, the more opportunity your money has to grow over time. It’s a fact.

Bonus step! Explore the Financial Heartbeat monitor

Starting strong requires knowing where you’re at now so you can track your progress. The Financial Heartbeat tool is a first-of-its kind fitness tracker for your money that lets you monitor your financial health in the same way you’d use a Fitbit or Apple Watch to manage your physical health.

It monitors four areas of your financial health — Save, Spend, Shield, and Score — and celebrates your progress with Strive. Together, these five scores add up to your total Financial Heartbeat score (1.0 to 10.0, with 10.0 as a perfect score). 

To reach the Financial Heartbeat feature, swipe through all your cards in the app — it will appear after you swipe past the trivia card. The more you link your financial accounts and engage with the app, the more this tool can help you strengthen your financial health.

Set yourself up for success

Follow the steps above and check on your finances every day in the MoneyLion app. You’ll be set up for success and on the path to financial security and excellent credit. We promise to make your journey fun, rewarding, and easy! Thanks for joining the MoneyLion pride.

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