Going Back To Work After Unemployment Ends  

going back to work

For many people, unemployment benefits are a safety net that provides stability and independence in very unstable and uncertain times. However, unemployment benefits are quickly coming to an end for most Americans. 

Going back to work after your unemployment benefits have expired can be intimidating, but preparing yourself for a successful transition back into the workforce can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll touch on what life will look like after unemployment ends and how you can prepare yourself for this new reality!

Unemployment benefits ending soon

While many Americans have not had to worry about going back to work or looking for a job in the last year and a half due to government benefits, unemployment benefits ending very soon will change this outlook. On September 6th, 2021, federal and state unemployment will end, which will change the reality for companies and workers alike.

Perks of returning to work 

Time is running out for those who are still unemployed. In fact, some states have already completely eliminated their unemployment benefits. With no more assistance coming in from the government or stimulus checks being sent out, people will need to head back to work. However, there are some perks of working again! 

Social interaction 

During social distancing, mental health issues skyrocketed. Going back into the workplace can help curb isolation, which can further deteriorate mental health issues. Plus, going back to work can help you stay healthy and keep your spirits up since you’ll be able to interact with co-workers, clients, and the outside world like you used to!

Employers and the hybrid work model 

Many employers want to offer a flexible work environment so that people can work from home on the days they need to rest and come into the office on days where they feel more productive. This is what’s known as the hybrid work model. 

A hybrid style of working allows employees to have the perfect work-life balance. It makes it possible for employees to create a flexible routine for themselves while also bringing in money to finance their lifestyles!

Return to work bonus 

In many states, legislation has been passed to allow employers the ability to provide a return to work bonus to employees in exchange for returning to work before the state and federal government benefits end. Rewards have been ranging from $500 to $2,000 per employee depending on the state you reside in and the conditions outlined in the program.

Easier collaboration

When you’re working from home, it can be tough to collaborate with co-workers. Going back into the workplace will not only allow you to work in-person with your colleagues and brainstorm all in one place, but it’ll be easier to collaborate on projects, too. In addition, going back to work after unemployment ends will allow you to be more productive and creative in the long run!

6 ways to successfully transition back to work 

Heading back to work can feel overwhelming, but by taking the proper steps and preparing yourself for the transition, you’ll be ready to take on your workdays. From personalizing your office space to signing up for MoneyLions’ early payday loan option, there are many ways to make the transition back into work a lot more seamless and successful.

1. Get on a normal sleep schedule

Many people may have found themselves staying up late or sleeping in longer than they used to on a regular workday. Going back to work will require you to implement a regular sleep schedule again. This will make it possible for you to get your projects done on time and stay productive. Prepare yourself in advance by practicing early bedtimes weeks before you’re set to resume working.

2. Pack your lunch and stock up on snacks

You don’t have to let go of your good eating habits just because you’re heading back to work! Plan out your lunches and snacks to make yourself as comfortable as possible during the transition period. Going back to work can be exhausting, so it’s best to have some healthy snacks on hand when you’re feeling drained or you need a quick energy boost!

3. Stay hydrated

Water is essential to staying hydrated and energized while you work. In addition, drinking water will help you stay alert and remain focused while ensuring you’re also staying healthy throughout the day.

4. Switch up your morning routine

Many people find that their morning routines have a major impact on how their days go. However, when making the return to work, it can be hard to have a morning routine that takes hours to complete. Finding ways to incorporate your favorite parts of the morning while still getting to work on time will help you become more successful.

5. Check your work schedule in advance 

When you’re going back into the workforce, keeping track of your schedule in advance will help you make sure that everything is taken care of. Plus, you’ll be less stressed, making it possible for you to plan your days accordingly.

6. Have a backup plan

Things don’t always go as planned. So, it helps to have a backup plan like a savings account with extra funds or MoneyLion’s early payday loan option, which can make it easier for you to protect yourself regardless of life’s surprises! 

Making an effortless transition into your new normal

Going back to work after unemployment can be stressful, but you should have no problem making the transition more seamless with a bit of preparation and planning.

By following through on the necessary precautions before heading back into work, like taking advantage of MoneyLion’s new safety net feature to protect your family during financial distress or retirement, you’ll be ready to go back into the workforce in no time. Get ready to be on your way to success in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will unemployment be extended again?

It is unknown whether unemployment will ever be extended again. With the current ending dates set for September 2021, along with the incorporation of the return to work bonus, it’s best to assume that unemployment is going to come to an end indefinitely.

Will PUA end?

As of now, all unemployment benefits will end on September 6th, 2021, including the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance payments.

What is the best way to prepare to return to work?

Getting back into a routine while adjusting your sleep schedule and improving your diet can make you feel more prepared as you get ready to start working again. Signing up for MoneyLion’s early payday loan will also give you additional peace of mind and help fund any sudden financial hardship when unemployment benefits no longer exist.

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