Holiday Budget Tips For the Season

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As the holiday season approaches, we all dream of creating merry moments with our loved ones. But shopping, traveling, and last minute gift purchases can take their toll on our joy—and our wallet. Here are a few holiday budget tips to help you spend less, avoid debt, and get rewarded during the season.

Holiday Budget Tips to Keep You Merry

The holidays may be here, but our monthly bills and travel expenses don’t take a break. Right now is a great time to see where you can cut costs, so you can spend more on the ones you love. Here are a few ways to budget and save:

Holiday On A Budget: To ensure you’re set up for success without the financial stress, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to track your spending and set a limit on gifts for each person in your life. Also, plan for expenses beyond gifts, save ahead of time, and separate your holiday funds. This way you won’t go over your normal monthly budget.

Shake Up Your Shopping with Rewards

While the joy of giving during the holidays is undeniable, we believe you should also reap rewards along the way. When you open a RoarMoneySM account with MoneyLion, you’ll have access to cashback rewards with  Shake ‘N Bank. Everytime you make a qualifying purchase for $10 or more using your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or your RoarMoney virtual card Powered by Pathward®, you can get up to five times the purchase amount up to $500 cashback with just a shake of your phone. It’s that easy.

Buy points, not tickets: You may know credit card points can be used toward flight miles or hotel stays. But did you know many airlines and hotels will let you buy points directly from their site? Oftentimes, using these points is cheaper than paying full price for a room or a seat on your favorite airline.

Clear for take-off: Imagine gliding through crowded airports during the holiday rush, bypassing long security lines. With a 2 month free trial using Clear, you can skip the line and travel more efficiently—giving you more time and less stress this busy season.

Sweet deals: What’s even sweeter than honey? A service that effortlessly tracks down online deals for you. Honey is your virtual shopping companion that tirelessly searches the internet for coupons and discounts to maximize your savings, especially during the holiday frenzy of online shopping.

Get Paid to Shop: Since you’ll be shopping this holiday season anyway, why not make some money while doing it? There are tons of sites, like Rakuten and TopCashBack, that give you cashback on purchases you were making regardless. This can help put a little more jingle in your pocket this year.

Unwrap Ways To Save: Looking for more holiday savings? You can find deals, tips, and other money hacks from our content creators when you download the MoneyLion app.

Free Merry Moments

As a MoneyLion user, you have access to freebies to help stretch your holiday budget–everything from free McDonald’s fries to a cup of coffee from Starbucks. You can download the MoneyLion app for small ways to help brighten your holiday season. 

Your Holiday Lifesaver

The holiday shopping season usually calls for extra spending, which can stretch your budget to its seams. But instead of maxing out your credit card or buying now and paying extra interest later—you can take advantage of MoneyLion InstacashSM:

  • Access up to $500 of your paycheck, before payday: Cover your holiday expenses without putting yourself in debt.
  • No credit check, no interest, no mandatory fees: We’re here to help you, hassle-free.
  • Available in minutes: Your funds can be ready to spend in no time for a small one-time turbo fee.*

As the holiday season unfolds and the spirit of giving fills the air, you should also be on the lookout for our holiday giveaways in our app and on our social media pages. It’s our way of adding a touch of enchantment to your festive season. 
If you’re looking for more ways to put more joy in your finances, MoneyLion’s partners offer ways for you to automatically lower your electricity bill, help you trim your monthly energy costs, and help reduce your healthcare expenses. You can find all these offers and more holiday budget tips by downloading the MoneyLion app. May your celebrations be filled with merriment!

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