Holiday Decor Hacks to Save Money and Time

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Decorating for the holidays is Adulting 101, but it can be hard to justify the cost when you’re on a tight budget. Forty dollars for a wreath? No, thanks. However, watching your money doesn’t mean you have to live in the Grinch zone.

Here are 5 easy ways to add holiday flair on the cheap (savings based on versions of each item at Kohl’s):

  1. Create unique wall decor. Print a seasonal photo — poster size or bigger — and hang it to set the holiday mood. You can make extra large prints for a low price at most shipping and office supply stores. Money saved: $25.
  2. Make garland from tree clippings. Ask to take some discarded pine boughs wherever they sell fresh Christmas trees. Then arrange the boughs as garland on the mantle or as a centerpiece at home. Money saved: $50.
  3. Display your holiday cards. Tie a ribbon to your cabinet doors, so the ribbon hangs down the face of the cabinet. Use clothespins to clip your holiday cards to the ribbon, and they’ll add holiday cheer to your kitchen. Money saved: $30.
  4. Draw on the holiday table. Cover your holiday table in brown or white paper and have the kids (or grownups) draw in holiday colors. Added bonus: After the meal, cleanup will be a breeze. Money saved: $40.
  5. Bedazzle the curtains. Repurpose old sparkly necklaces or decorative bows as curtain tie-backs to add some twinkle and merriment. Money saved: $15.

This list was inspired by BuzzFeed’s 22 Holiday Decor Hacks. Read it for more cheap ways to let your festive flag fly.

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