How To Destroy A Metal Credit Card


There was a time when metal credit cards were highly exclusive and hard to get your hands on. Now, many credit card companies offer metal credit cards with great rewards. Not only do they have a sleek design, but they are also more durable than plastic cards. Because of their durability, destroying a metal credit card is more intricate than destroying a plastic one. Take a look at your options. 

Ways to dispose of metal credit cards

You might not be able to dispose of your credit card in traditional ways, but not to worry. This article outlines ways to dispose of your metal credit card. Make sure that if you destroy it on your own, you cut through the numbers, the stripe, and the chip reader. 

Send it back to the card issuer

Contact your card issuer because it might take them back and destroy the card for you by sending you a prepaid envelope. When your credit card is nearing expiration, contact your card issuer to see whether it can mail an envelope with your new card to send the old one back. Some card companies include it automatically, but it is always a good idea to check first. 

Take it to your bank

If your metal credit card is with a bank that has a local branch, you can take it in and have it destroyed for you. This option is a great way to get it done quickly and securely without any added work for yourself. Just call to make sure it’s an option before heading in with your card. 

Use a shredder

You can use a shredder to destroy your metal credit card. But don’t use a standard paper shredder, or you could ruin it. If you have an industrial shredder, it could work but check first. It’ll likely tell you whether it is strong enough. Though it is unlikely that you will find a suitable shredder to properly destroy your metal card, it does not hurt to check. 

Use heavy-duty scissors

The standard scissors you use to open packages won’t cut through this card. But if you have heavy-duty scissors like metal snips, typically used to cut through sheet metal, these will do the trick. When cutting your card, getting the card number, the electronic strip on the back, and the chip is crucial. All these pieces hold information that can be used to identify your account or duplicate your card if lost. 

Store the card safely

You can always store your card in a safe place. Try a fire-proof safe or locked drawer designated for expired cards in your home. If you want to take an extra step, scratch off the numbers on the card for added protection in case someone accesses your secret locations. 

Avoid these ways of destroying a metal credit card 

If you decide to destroy the credit card on your own, remember metal cards are more resilient than plastic ones. Avoid disposing of your metal card using the methods below. 

Paper scissors

Paper scissors are not the way to go. Some metal cards are just plastic cards covered in metal, but some are metal all the way through. So you will likely end up with broken scissors and an unscathed metal card.

Third-party provider

There is a service for almost everything you can think of these days — even destroying sensitive information. But a third-party provider is not the way to go when getting rid of your credit card. You risk the card not being appropriately destroyed and your information being compromised. It could also be a scam, and you could be giving your information directly to someone with ill intent. 

Throwing it away or recycling

It might be tempting to throw your card away. No one would find it, right? Not quite. Throwing your card away or recycling it leaves you vulnerable to unknown people obtaining your information. Someone could either see the card in your trash or, if it is not correctly destroyed, it could end up anywhere. Try some of the options mentioned earlier to keep yourself protected. 

Indestructible Cards 

Metal cards are great credit cards. They look cool, last longer, and usually have some excellent perks. When you think of an indestructible card, a metal card comes to mind, but how do you destroy an indestructible card? It’s pretty simple, actually. Contact your card provider to see whether you can ship it back or turn it into a branch. You can also use scissors designed to cut metal or store it somewhere safe. When considering destroying your card, it might take a little more thought, but it’s not too bad.


Can you burn metal credit cards?

You could burn metal cards but it is not the best thing for the environment. Burning metal cards releases toxic gas into the air, so avoiding this method is best.

How do you properly destroy a credit card?

When destroying a card, metal or not, you want to make sure the card number, chip, and magnetic strip are destroyed. Also, get rid of your name on the card.

How do you shred a credit card with a chip?

You can still shred a card with a chip but, if you can, try removing the chip and cutting it.

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