How To Find A Student Loan Account Number


Like any other accounts, your student loans have an account number attached to them. While this might seem like a number you will never need to know, there are some situations where this number is required to find more information. Don’t have a clue where it is? Not to worry. Take a look at how to find it and why you would need it in the first place. 

Where can you find your student loan account number?

Take a look at a few options for finding your student loan account number. 

Monthly billing statement

Like all other loans, you receive monthly billing statements with your student loans. Your monthly billing statements usually contain all your identifying information except your Social Security number. The account number can be found on the top of your statement’s pages. If you signed up for paperless billing, you will likely have an electronic billing statement where you can find this information. 


Check your email specifically for your approval notification. When you first apply for your loans and are approved, you should receive an email and letter indicating your approval. This introductory email also includes your account number. Also, if you signed up for electronic billing statements, they could be sent in email form. As indicated above, the billing statements also have your account number listed. When you sign up for your loan, keep this email pinned or saved so you can easily refer to it in the future. 

Online portal 

Like online banking, you have an online portal to check your account information. For example, you can check your Federal Student Aid portal if you have federal loans to find your student loan account number. But suppose you have a private loan through, for example, a bank or a loan consolidation company. In that case, you can check their designated website and find your student loan account number. The account number could be more discrete, such as an electronic statement, depending on the type of loan you have — private or federal. 

Contact customer support

All companies have some form of customer support for their customers. Try contacting customer service to get your account information. They will likely ask you security questions such as date of birth and Social Security number to verify your identity and keep your account protected. The customer support number should be easy to find online or on your paperwork. 

Contact your school’s financial aid office

Your school’s financial aid office has a lot of your loan information available. Stop by your financial aid office or call to find out your account number. Keep in mind you will have to verify yourself here, too. If you’re in person, have your student ID handy. On the phone? Have your student ID number handy. They might ask for other identifying information, too. 

What is a student loan account number?

A student loan account number is a 10-digit number unique to you. Think of it like your loan account number with your loan provider. Your student account number is generated once the loan is approved and dispersed. Suppose you have loans with multiple loan providers, both federal and private. In that case, you will likely have multiple account numbers. These numbers can tell all the essential information about your loan. 

Type of loan 

Do you have direct and indirect loans? Still trying to figure it out? Your loan type can be found with your federal student loan account number if you have a federal loan. This information can also be easily found if you have private loans. 

Remaining balance

You will need your account number if you want to find out how much is left on your loan. When paying off your loan, knowing how close you are to having it paid off is important information. If you consider consolidating, you also will need to know how much you owe. 

Other payment information

Most other payment information is tied to your account number. For example, you can find your monthly payment, last payment, and how many payments you’ve made with your account number. Your entire payment and account history is linked to your account number.

Lots of Information 

Your student loan account number is connected to a lot of information about your loan, no wonder you want to find it. There are numerous avenues available to track your loan number down. Whether online, over the phone, or in person, someone should be able to get it to you. When contacting your loan provider for this number, be prepared with any additional identifying information, such as your date of birth, ID, or Social Security number. Pro tip: once you find your number, keep it somewhere handy and secure to make it easier to access next time.


How can you see my student loans?

You can see your student loans by logging onto your student loan provider’s website and accessing your account. If you prefer an option that is not online, you can contact them directly to get your loan information over the phone or have it mailed to you.

How many digits is a student loan account number?

Your student loan account number is 10 digits.

How do you know who your student loan lender is?

You can either call Federal Student Aid or look on your account to find your lender information. If you don’t have federal loans, this information should be accessible on your account or you can call the company.

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