How to Get a Personal Loan With No Credit Check

How to Get a Personal Loan With No Credit Check

Getting a personal loan when you have little-to-no credit history can seem daunting. Most lenders view applicants with limited credit information as high-risk and are reluctant to approve them for financing without thorough credit checks.

That said, you may still be able to access some short-term funding solutions or early access to your pay that don’t require a credit check.

In this article, we’re going over whether it’s possible, and if so, how to get a personal loan with no credit check. We’ll also explore other short-term financing solutions, including earned wage access and provide tips for increasing your chances of getting approved for a personal loan without undergoing a hard credit inquiry.

In the meantime, it may be worthwhile exploring earned wage cash advances. Although not a loan, MoneyLion Instacash offers a way for early access of up to $500 before you get paid with no credit check, no interest, and no mandatory fees.

Understanding no-credit-check loans

In theory, no-credit-check loans are a type of personal loan where the lender does not check an applicant’s credit report or credit score before approving the loan. Instead, these types of loans base their approval decision on other factors, such as:

Income and employment details

Lenders will want to verify your income, length of employment, and job stability. They will do this to determine your ability to repay the loan.

Other debts and expenses

While they may not perform a full credit check, many lenders will still ask for a summary of your current debts and monthly expenses. They want to analyze your debt-to-income ratio.


Some no-credit-check loans require an asset like a car or equipment as collateral that the lender can seize if you default. The collateral reduces their risk.

Higher interest rates and fees

Because the lender takes on higher risk, no-credit-check loans have above-average interest rates and origination/application fees.

No-credit-check loans can also be known as online loans with no credit check, payday loans, or other types of funding solutions. They’re designed to help people with poor or limited credit history borrow funds. 

Lenders may market personal loans as “no credit check”, but what they really mean is that they won’t perform a hard pull that could impact your score. 

When a lender performs a hard credit pull, it shows up on your credit report and can temporarily ding your credit score by a few points. However, the lender may still perform a soft credit check, which lets them view your credit report without impacting your score. They can still see information like your existing debt accounts, credit screenings, and more. 

It’s important to also keep in mind that no-credit-check personal loans often come with higher interest rates and fees compared to traditional loans. 

If you’re curious to see what personal loans you could qualify for, MoneyLion offers a way for you to get matched with personal loan offers for up to $50,000, based on your criteria with no impact to your credit score. Compare rates, terms, and fees from different lenders and choose the best offer for you. 

7 steps to getting a personal loan with no credit check

If you need a personal loan but don’t have an extensive credit history, you can take steps to explore your options. Below are essential steps that will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Apply with online lenders or fintech companies

 Many established online lenders focus less on credit history and more on income, employment, and other debt obligations when approving loans. Companies like Upstart and SoFi may offer personal loans with no hard credit check.

Banks and traditional lenders are unlikely to approve personal loans with no credit check. That said, some online lenders or fintech companies may have more lenient requirements. They may offer products that feature a soft credit inquiry over a hard credit inquiry, or other short-term financing solutions that don’t require credit checks. 

For example, some of the most common loans that don’t require a credit check, at least not a hard inquiry, will be payday loans, title loans, and credit builder loans. 

Payday lenders offer small, short-term loans to be paid back on your next pay date, typically in two to four weeks. Without checking your credit, they verify income and require post dated checks or access to your bank account to repay the balance. The fees and APR can exceed 400%, so payday loans should only be used as an absolute last resort. 

Title loans aren’t significantly better. They carry collateral requirements, and may require you to put up your home or car in exchange for funding. The risk is that if you’re unable to repay the loan, you’ll lose your asset. 

Credit builder loan programs are intended specifically for building credit history. They place the loan amount into a locked savings account which you’ll make monthly payments to down. 

Your payment history will be then reported to the credit bureaus. Your credit builds as you continue to make on-time payments. The downside is that APRs can be higher than traditional lending solutions offered by banks, since lenders won’t be requiring a hard credit check.

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Step 2: Gather your documents

The main documents you need for no-credit-check loans include proof of income in the form of pay stubs or bank statements. You also must provide personal identification documents, which can be your driver’s license or passport. 

Another requirement is your bank account information where the money should be disbursed. Some lenders may have additional document requirements, so make sure that you review their specific guidelines carefully.

Step 3: Be prepared to pay higher interest rates and fees

Lenders offering loans without credit checks often charge high-interest rates and fees compared to other credit options. Without performing a credit check, lenders have limited information about your creditworthiness. As a result, they increase the cost of borrowing to compensate for the risks involved.

Step 4: Evaluate the risks and benefits

While most payday loans, title loans, and credit builder loans approve borrowers without a hard credit check, each comes with unique risks to weigh before signing. For instance, payday loans are known for charging excessively high interest while title loans can seize your car for nonpayment. Credit builder loans do help construct a positive payment history but some may impose steep APRs. 

Regardless of the option you go with, carefully inspect the loan details to make an informed decision about funding solutions advertised as “personal loans with no credit check”.

Step 5: Apply for funding 

A majority of financing companies have an online loan application system, so you can apply directly from their website. Make sure that you provide accurate information and do not leave any gaps in your application. 

Be transparent about your financial information as well, including your income, expenses, and any existing debts or obligations you have. Before you submit your application, double-check for any errors or missing information that could cause delays or potential rejection.

Step 6: Understand your repayment terms

Once approved, you should thoroughly follow the repayment terms outlined by for the funding solution. Pay attention to the interest rate, repayment schedule, and any relevant details. By tracking payment terms, you can budget accordingly to ensure timely repayments. 

If you are unable to make payments on time, communicate with the lender as soon as possible. Some lenders may offer options such as payment extensions or revised repayment plans. 

Failure to make payments can have serious consequences, including late fees, increased interest rates, and damage to your credit score.

Step 7: Monitor your payments

Responsible loan repayment is key to staying out of debt. It’s also especially important if you’re obtaining a high APR short-term funding solution like a payday loan. If you opt for a credit builder loan, you’ll also want to make sure your on-top of payments so that your credit score actually improves. 

If you notice any errors or discrepancies in your payment history, contact the lender immediately and ask it to update the correct details.

5 Tips for improving your credit score

Having a good credit score can open up better financial opportunities and favorable loan terms – so that you’re not stuck settling for high-interest personal loans with no credit check. 

When you have good credit history, you’ll not only have access to more funding solutions, but you may also be able to save money when you borrow – since higher credit scores are generally associated with lower interest rates on loans. 

In short – it’s absolutely worth your time to focus on improving your credit score. Here are some key tips to help you accomplish just that. 

1. Pay all bills on time

Payment history has the biggest impact on your credit score. Even being just a few days late can result in penalties and fees which will negatively impact your score. Set up automatic payments or payment reminders to avoid missed or late payments.

2. Keep credit card balances low

High credit card balances can really drag down your credit utilization ratio which accounts for about 30% of your score calculation, depending on the scoring model. As a general rule, try to keep balances below 30% of your total credit limit on each card.

3. Limit new credit applications

Each time you apply for new credit, an inquiry is recorded on your report and too many in a short period raises red flags. Only open or apply for new credit lines when absolutely necessary while building a score.

4. Correct errors in your credit report

Errors in items like account status, missed payments, or personal information could unfairly sink your score. Dispute any inaccuracies you uncover to credit bureaus for removal which may boost the rating.

5. Focus on responsible financial habits over time

Building credit takes diligence and responsible financial habits over time. But following these tips can significantly accelerate seeing improved numbers. Monitor your progress monthly until reaching your desired credit score level.

Overcome the challenges of no credit history or bad credit 

Getting a loan when you have a bad credit score is not always easy. No-credit-check loans can be a lifesaver in such circumstances. They provide a chance to access much-needed funds without the usual credit evaluation process. But while the loans offer a temporary solution, you should approach them with caution and repay on time to avoid getting overburdened with debt.


Can I really get a personal loan with no credit check?

Personal loans with no credit checks are hard to come by. Most traditional lenders won’t approve applications without a credit check. However, you may be able to find some funding solutions that don’t require a credit check, or at least not a hard inquiry. 
That said, such funding options can come with high APRs or other downsides, so it’s best to proceed with caution and compare your options to find the best fit for your situation.  

Is it easy to qualify for a personal loan without a credit check?

It can be easy to qualify for a personal loan without a credit check. Because the lender doesn’t focus on your credit history, it can be easier to meet their eligibility criteria. 

How do I find lenders that offer personal loans with no credit check?

When it comes to finding personal loans with no credit check, your most likely bet will be payday loans, credit builder loans, or other types of short-term funding products. Look for online lenders that offer such products. If you’re one of many people with bad credit, it may also be worthwhile to research reputable companies that cater to funding products for bad credit. 

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