How to Save $200 a Month by Breaking a Bad Habit

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Bad habits are hard to break, but if you tally up the cash you’ll save, you’ll have all the motivation you need. And the savings can add up fast. One MoneyLion member saved $1,400 in a year (that’s over $100/month!) by stopping her habit of buying an iced coffee every day.

9 Bad Habits To Nix Today

You may have an idea of the habits you need to break, and we’ve added some things to the list you to help your cost-cutting spree. See how many ways you can save! Step 2? Invest your newfound cash with help from MoneyLion to make it grow.


Everyone knows smoking or vaping is bad for your health, not to mention expensive! The average pack of cigarettes costs $6–$10. Vape pods are between $10–$20. This doesn’t include the increased cost of health and life insurance. Start by downloading a quit smoking app that app tracks your achievements and the money you save by not smoking.

How Much You Can Save by Quitting Smoking

Take a look at the chart below to see how much you could save. You could save almost $200 every month! These numbers are based on smoking 1 pack per day with the average price of cigarettes at $6.28. If you live in New York, it’s double that! To calculate your own savings, visit

Price Per Pack: $6.28 Savings
1 Day$6.28
1 Week $44
1 Month$188
1 Year$2,292


Nights at the club and signature cocktails should be the first cut if you’re trying to save money. Instead of heading to the bars, why not take an inexpensive online course that can further your career or visit YouTube for a free workout you can do from your living room? If all of your friends are heading out, you can still join! Order a much-cheaper mocktail or kombucha and hit the dance floor instead. 

Unused Subscriptions

Look at your bank statement and take a look at exactly what you’re paying for. Often, the free trial you signed up for can turn into a subscription you’ve been unknowingly paying on for months. Think about that time you upgraded to HBO to watch the last season of “Game of Thrones” — did you cancel after “Thrones” ended in May 2019? You can also apply this tip to unused gym memberships, multiple music platforms and others. 

Impulse Buys

An impulse buy is something you purchase on a whim. You might be tempted by products marketed on Instagram or you may grab a few extra items on your way to the checkout line. Cut this habit out of your routine to save yourself tons of money each month. Make a list before you grocery shop — and even when you shop for other things — so you curb your need to spend extra. 

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion refers to cheap clothing that you can typically wear a few times before it falls apart or wears thin after a couple of washes. It may seem like you’re getting a great deal but you might end up spending more when you have to replace items that don’t last very long. Instead, look for high-quality items on sale or purchase pre-owned clothing at a fraction of the price. 

Unnecessary Uber/Lyft Rides

Look at your rideshare history and get an idea of where you’re spending. Save by taking public transportation, driving yourself or getting a ride with friends. Opt for the cheapest option if you do need to use a rideshare app. You can use UberPool in some cities, where you ride with others who are headed in the same direction. This option only requires you to pay for a portion of the trip. 


Visiting casinos is one of the riskiest ways to spend your money. You may have days where you’ve hit big, but the odds are typically in favor of the house. And don’t forget the amount you spend on drinks and dinner you might enjoy while you gamble your savings away. 

Not Letting People Pay You Back

This might seem like an obvious one, but if you bring coffee for a friend or pick up an item from the grocery store, you don’t have to throw in the old, “don’t worry about it” line. There are so many cash sharing apps. Your friends can instantly send you what they owe you — no cash needed.  

Calling in Sick

You’re tired and it would be easy to call in sick — but don’t. Calling in sick is a habit you need to break now. Not only will you miss out on making money, but your boss will also start to realize that you’re unreliable. 

Quit Your Habit and Keep Your Cash

Quitting a bad habit is tough, but when it comes to staying on budget, bad habits should be the first to go. Set up your MoneyLion Core membership and start tracking your financial successes today.

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