How to Save for a Disney Vacation

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Make Disney Dreams Come True

Disney World is the most magical place on Earth, right? It’s a place for kids and adults alike to feel free from the stresses of daily life, a place where you can let your imagination run wild and where it’s ok to be a total Disney nerd.

However, as magical as this place is, it can be a pain saving for. But don’t worry – we have your savings plan covered! With these strategic tips, you can be standing outside of Cinderella’s castle in no time.


How Much Does A Disney Vacation Cost?

It’s no surprise that a trip to Disney can be expensive, but there are ways to lessen the costs. A lot of your vacation expenses will depend on when you decide to go. Spring, Summer and Winter break tend to be the busiest seasons, meaning higher prices. January through early March tends to have the least crowds, so we recommend going then for the cheapest costs. 

Estimated Cost To Budget For On A Disney Vacation 

Lodging$300/night – rooms typically sleep 4
Tickets$109/day per person
Transportation $25/day
Souvenirs, photos, etc. $50/day

Determine Your Disney Trip Costs

Use the chart above as a guide to putting together approximate trip costs. You can buy your park tickets straight from Disney’s website. You’ll first need to decide which ticket you want. The one-day passes cost around $109 for admission into only one of the parks. However, the Park Hopper ticket allows you to visit all of the 4 main parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios) and can actually be more cost-effective. The more days you plan to park hop, the cheaper your ticket per day.

Check Disney’s website frequently to know when they have discounts and deals available. You can also search other retailers online for discounted tickets, but make sure they are official and legal before purchasing. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that many hotels in the Disney Resort area offer free transportation to and from the parks, and possibly the airport. Give them a call before booking to find out. Some hotels even offer a complete Disney package including meals, transportation, and your tickets. They’re not always worth it, but shouldn’t be overlooked in case you stumble upon a great deal.

Also, the closer you stay to the Disney parks, the more expensive your hotel will be. Consider booking your stay outside of the Disney property for cheaper costs.

Start Saving For Disney

Now that you know how much your Disney trip will cost you, you can begin to save!

Automate your Savings

Divide the cost by the total number of weeks until your trip to determine how much you’ll need to set aside each week. You’ll need to be consistent to ensure you save enough in time. The more you can afford to put into your savings, the better! 

Add To Your Investment Account

If you have a few months or more to save, you may reach your goals quicker by adding your savings to an investment account. MoneyLion offers its members a personalized investment account with zero minimums and maintenance fees. Auto Invest is a new feature that lets you automatically transfer any amount you choose from a checking account into your MoneyLion Investment account. You won’t have to do a thing while your balance builds.

Pick Up Extra Work

Get in overtime hours at your current job or pick up a side hustle. With the internet and apps, there are so many side jobs you can have access to. You can easily acquire a babysitting job or get tips working in a restaurant. Whatever work you choose, make sure you use these extra funds exclusively for your Disney trip.

Cut Back on Expenses

Can you forgo your daily coffee run or maybe skip the nail salon for a few months? Can you bring your lunch from home instead of getting takeout? For more advice on saving money by being a thoughtful quitter, go here.

Help Your Savings Grow Magically

You won’t believe how quickly your savings will add up if you cut back on small, recurring expenses that are running you even $10/week or $50/month. And if you Auto Invest or automatically save it each week, you’ll be high-fiving Mickey before you know it.


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