Alison Kimberly

Alison Kimberly is a freelance content writer with a Sustainable MBA, uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial profitability. She has been writing for various non-profit organizations for 15+ years. When not writing, you will find her promoting education and meditation in the developing world, or hiking and enjoying nature.

Stories by Alison Kimberly

How to save money on gas
How to save money on gas

With gas prices rising, most people are faced with sticker shock. Some families will find themselves having to limit trips, while others just…

Are auto loans installment or revolving
Are auto loans installment or revolving?

If you’re working on increasing your credit score, it’s natural to wonder whether auto loans are installment or revolving. Car loans, for example,…

Installment credit
What is installment credit?

Installment credit is a loan that comes with a fixed amount and repayment terms that are set up over time. The loan includes…

Buying a house with va loan
5 tips when buying a house with VA loan

Buying a house with VA loan may seem daunting, but with just a few tips it will seem more achievable. VA loans offer…

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