Alison Kimberly

Alison Kimberly is a freelance content writer with a Sustainable MBA, uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial profitability. She has been writing for various non-profit organizations for 15+ years. When not writing, you will find her promoting education and meditation in the developing world, or hiking and enjoying nature.

Stories by Alison Kimberly

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At What Age Can You Start Building Credit?

You can establish credit at age 18, but it's never too early to start building credit. If you want to give your child…

Untitled design 2023 01 28T213518.280
How Long Do Collections Stay On Your Credit Report?

No one wants debt to end up in collections, but if you have medical or other debt that has gone to collections, it…

Untitled design 2023 01 28T210536.756
How Often Does SSI Check Your Bank Accounts?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits from the Social Security Administration are financial support for eligible citizens, including those over age 65, who are…

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How Do I Stop Automatic Payments From My Bank Account?

Whether you're trying to cut back on spending or switching bank accounts, sometimes you'll need to stop automatic payments. It should only take…

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