Alison Kimberly

Alison Kimberly is a freelance content writer with a Sustainable MBA, uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial profitability. She has been writing for various non-profit organizations for 15+ years. When not writing, you will find her promoting education and meditation in the developing world, or hiking and enjoying nature.

Stories by Alison Kimberly

payday loans
Where Can I Find Alternative Payday Loans?

While inflation has more families scrambling to make ends meet, there are better alternatives if you're wondering how to get money before payday.…

how to find accounts in your name
How to Find Accounts in Your Name

It’s natural to wonder, “How can I find accounts in my name?” Maybe you’re worried you opened an account and forgot about it…

Untitled design 27
Does A Will Override A Beneficiary On A Bank Account?

Wondering if a will overrides a beneficiary on a bank account? Generally, if the will conflicts with the beneficiary on a bank account,…

Move on a Budget
Move on a Budget: 12 Tips on How to Cut Costs

Moving to your dream home or into a new apartment can be expensive, especially if you’re moving cross country. If you’re a renter,…

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