How Zendrive is changing the insurance game.

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Many believe that auto insurers only depend on a few factors to determine premiums—such as occupation, education, and credit score. But Zendrive has introduced a new way to help improve one’s driving skills and possibly reduce premiums in the process.

With today’s digital capabilities and AI-powered experience, it’s making it easier than ever for insurers to use purpose-built solutions built to help provide more accurate, and more fair, assessments of driver risk. That’s where Zendrive comes in. This new platform helps insurers identify safe drivers based on actual driving behaviors to help deliver more precision and transparency to insurance pricing. 

You can activate your Driver Score in the MoneyLion app, where it assesses your driving for about a month while giving you personal feedback to help you improve and increase your chances of earning a discount.  After gathering enough data points, you could then receive an offer for a lower premium—all while making the roads safer for everyone on them.

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