If She Can Side-Hustle, So Can You: Barbie’s Influence on Society


Barbie is not just a doll. She is an icon, a career woman and a role model with profound influence on society. Since her introduction in 1959, she has been portrayed with over 250 jobs, ranging from traditional to unconventional. Barbie has inspired generations of children to dream big and pursue their passions.

But times have changed, as have the challenges and opportunities for younger generations. Today, the road to financial freedom is murkier. But you have to ask yourself, “What would Barbie do?” 

How would Barbie adjust to the times and continue to be an influence on society – especially with younger generations? Would life in plastic still be fantastic? 

We say yes. We say Barbie would find a way. We say Barbie would hustle. Side-hustle. 

Many people have a side-hustle these days. Reasons vary from supplementing their income to pursuing their interests or preparing for a career change. Getting a side-hustle doesn’t have to be just about extra cash. It can boost your confidence, skills, network, and happiness. It can give you a leg up on your monetary goals. Such as early retirement, saving for a rainy day, and achieving financial freedom. 

With that said, let’s imagine how Barbie would navigate the world of modern side-hustles. Don’t worry, we used A.I. to generate images to help you get the picture. Literally.

Barbie the influencer


Barbie has a golden opportunity here. She has the looks, the brains, the charisma, and the connections. She has a loyal fan base that loves and trusts her. She has a built-in audience and a passion for creating fun, informative, and empowering content. 

This all means that she stands to make a lot of money as an influencer. Barbie has been everything from a runway model, to an astronaut, to a lawyer. She could tap into her extensive knowledge and experience to review cosmetics, give fashion advice, exercise routines, lifestyle improvements – you name it.

She’d be a hit on OnlyFans


Barbie loves expressing herself and is a supporter of women’s rights—a believer in self-determinism. We also like to believe that she is sex-positive. Imagine the money she could make with an OnlyFans side-hustle. 

As a natural creator, it could be an avenue for her to express herself, build an exclusive community, and interact with her fans with premium content.

Barbie the Uber Driver


Barbie loves driving and meeting new people. Plus, she already has an iconic pink Corvette that would surely be a hit with passengers. 

This side-hustle would allow her to explore new places, make new friends, and discover new cuisines such as Taco Bell and ShakeShack.

And since we’re talking about food: Barbie Dasher


By being a DoorDash driver (or Dasher), she would get to put smiles on peoples faces and get tipped for doing so. 

This side-hustle has its perks, like setting your own schedule and the freedom of being your own boss. You can also get paid daily and gas reimbursements. But you also have to deal with bad weather, traffic, and covering your own expenses, such as gas and maintenance. We think Barbie is up to the task.

Barbie the Dog Walker


If you love dogs, few side-hustles can be as rewarding as dog walking. And guess what? Barbie loves dogs. She has her own yellow Lab named Taffy. 

This particular side-hustle has the added benefit of burning a few calories along the way. It’s healthy, and you get to hang out with doggos, meet new people, and take in the fresh air. This would be more than a gig for Barbie – this is something to look forward to.

Untapped Side-Hustles


One problem with side-hustles is oversaturation. Everyone is doing the same thing—the same products, jobs, and services. There’s no innovation, no creativity, no risk. Finding a niche market gives you an edge, a competitive advantage, and a way to stand out.

Barbie would quickly realize this and tap into unconventional side hustles, such as a traveling chainsaw juggling show. 

Let’s Conclude

Whether you embrace hustle culture or not is a personal decision. Just know that a side-hustle can be an outlet for creativity. A potential avenue to financial freedom. Something which helps you grow, learn, and improve. Modern living is fraught with new challenges. Cost of living has become overwhelming, especially for younger generations. Side-hustles are now something everyone should consider, after all, avocado toasts aren’t just going to buy themselves.

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