It’s never been easier to start investing — don’t wait

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Many people think they can’t start investing until they have a lot of money set aside or until they learn about stocks and bonds. That’s simply not true. Robo-advisors like the one offered with MoneyLion Plus make it easy to start small, without any investment experience or knowledge.

Your biggest asset as an investor is not money — it’s time! So starting small and starting now is usually a good idea. The more time your investments have to grow, the bigger they can grow thanks to compound interest.

Saving and investing are two sides of the same coin

You might ask, why shouldn’t I just save? Why should I invest? Well, if you put money in a savings account, you will earn a very small amount of interest on it. Generally, not even enough to keep up with inflation, which runs closer to 2-3%. Put it another way, you could actually lose money by simply parking your money in a savings account over time!

On the other hand, if you invest money through a systematic plan like MoneyLion Plus, you can ideally grow your savings more rapidly over time. While investing is a bit riskier, it brings greater potential rewards. And there are investments, such as the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in which MoneyLion Plus members invest, designed to grow your money steadily without exposing you to undue risk.

How to start investing

Sites such as TD Ameritrade and E*TRADE allow you to invest in individual stocks or buy into a mutual fund or ETF. But you’ll need to carefully weigh the fees, investment minimums, and user agreements first, and make sure your investments are adequately diversified to minimize risk.

Using these platforms also won’t spare you from the task of researching and selecting specific investments — and staying on top of them as the market fluctuates.

Who has time for that?! With MoneyLion Plus, we focus on your investments, while you focus on you. ? We design a customized portfolio allocation of ETFs and help you invest $50 or more each month. Then we manage and rebalance your investment account on an ongoing basis.

Membership in MoneyLion Plus also gives you access to 5.99% APR loans and $1/day cashback. You can get all of this for as little as $0/month. Learn more and get $10 when you sign up.


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