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Did you know that nearly 8 million Americans have part time jobs? Part time jobs are a great alternative way to earn income without having to work a full schedule. If you are raising a family, attending school, or have another part time job and are looking to increase your cash flow, a part time job may be the ideal solution for you. Not all part times jobs are created equally. We know how valuable your time is, so we have generated a list of the top part time jobs available. Check out our breakdown of pros, cons, pay scale, and hours per week for each job below. Keep in mind that the pay ranges are national averages and that if you are working in a metropolitan area, you will most likely enjoy a higher wage rate. Learning how to make money without working full time can help you save a lot more.

School Bus Driver

  • Pros: You share the same schedule as the school system so look forward to have summer months off.
  • Cons: Morning shifts begin very early, usually before 6am. Misbehaving children, tough weather conditions and traffic are all frequent occurrences for this profession.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $12.40 to $16.70 with a median wage in urban areas of close to double that.
  • Median Hours per week: 26

Make Up Artist

  • Pros: This profession is art-oriented. There are a variety of work settings applicable for this profession – including, amusement parks, department stores, theaters and personal appointments.
  • Cons: The schedule is highly dependent on the type of work setting. Some settings are skewed more towards nighttime hours. Some workplaces might require a cosmetology degree.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $14.70 to $23.50; however, this can be much higher if you are working for yourself and set your own rates.
  • Median Hours Per Week: 20


  • Pros: This can be a very rewarding career for people who enjoy the teaching profession. If you are working for yourself (versus for a specified tutoring company) then you have complete control over how many hours a week you work.
  • Cons: Although this career doesn’t always require a certification, it does require a very high proficiency in whatever academic subject you are tutoring in. Additionally you must be detail oriented, patient, organized, and have a proclivity for teaching.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $12.70 to $27.
  • Median Median Hours Per Week: 8

Dance Teacher

  • Pros: This job can be very rewarding and a great workout!
  • Cons: You have to be highly talented and creative to be a dance teacher.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $15.30 to $24.50.
  • Median Hours Per Week: 8

Teaching English As A Second Language

  • Pros: This can be a very rewarding career.
  • Cons: You must be able to speak another language fluently. You must be exceedingly patient and organized. If you are teaching adults, the hours are skewed towards the nighttime.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $18.10 to $30.50.
  • Median Hours Per Week: 17

Flight Attendant

  • Pros: There are some great perks associated with being a flight attendant such as free air travel and above average hourly rates for part time work.
  • Cons: Dealing with stubborn passengers is an annoying aspect of this career. This is also not a practical career for parents, as it requires large chunks of time where you are away from home and unable to be reached.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $26 to $34.80.
  • Median Hours Per Week: 20

Exercise Instructor/Personal Trainer

  • Pros: This job is excellent for people who embrace a healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy a flexible work schedule and potentially very high hourly wage if you work for yourself.
  • Cons: You must have a very upbeat, positive attitude and be naturally motivational. You must keep yourself in pristine physical shape.
  • Hourly Wage: The national average is $20.20 to $39.90.
  • Median Hours Per Week: 6
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