Market theme du jour: Inflation


It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing themes driving the market. Recently, we’ve seen market headlines go from focusing on the strength of the economy to tax cuts to rising rates. In the past few days, the big theme has been inflation.

In the U.S., inflation generally isn’t high; prices rise by 1-3% per year, on average. Economists think this is a healthy range, and the Fed tries to keep inflation in check. (Related blog post: Five ways a federal rate increase affects you)

But market participants are always looking ahead and guessing whether inflation will become too high, based on data and other factors. This worry of possibly higher inflation in the future may have contributed to the unusually large swings in the market this week.

What’s a Plus member to do?
As we’ve seen, the market moves quickly and unpredictably. For example, when news of higher-than-expected inflation averages came out on 2/14, the market initially went down. But when more inflation data came out, the market reacted in the opposite way!

We suggest that you take the daily headlines with a grain of salt, and let your long-term MoneyLion Plus guided investment plan do its best to keep you on track to your goals.

As a Plus member, your investment is diversified across stocks and bonds in non-U.S. and U.S. markets, which helps you ride out periods of volatility. Also, your Plus account’s slow and disciplined approach to investing consistently over time helps smooth out any inflation changes that happen along the way.

Remember, try not to sweat the market swings and headlines. Stay focused on your goals. We’ll work together to try to get you there!

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