Market update: Bull market is longest on record


This week in the markets

  • Wednesday’s close officially marked the longest bull market in the history of the United States, meaning it’s been 3,453 days of steady growth.
  • PepsiCo purchased SodaStream, the do-it-yourself soda maker, for $3.2 billion.
  • Target saw a surge in both digital and in-person shoppers last quarter, reporting its biggest quarterly sales gain in 13 years.
  • State regulators enforced changes on credit-reporting agencies, which caused some to see an increase in their credit score. Did you notice a credit increase?

It’s officially the longest bull market ever ?

Midweek’s close marked a milestone for the longest bull market in American history. A bull market is characterized by investor confidence and the expectation that a strong economy will continue. There’s been steady growth for the past 3,453 days (or 9.4602 years) and counting, with the S&P 500 climbing more than 320% during this time. It’s been a great time to be invested in the markets.

PepsiCo purchases DIY soda maker ?

PepsiCo announced the purchase of SodaStream International for $3.2 billion, an Israeli-based company whose products allow consumers to create their own soda water at home. PepsiCo is betting that hip Millennials and health-conscious consumers looking for low-calorie alternatives to traditional soda will opt for the DIY model. The hottest gift this holiday season may be bubs for the hubs (or fizzes for the misses).

Target’s stock hits new highs ?

Target has done exceptionally well this earnings season, reporting an increase in both digital and in-person sales over the past quarter. This marks its biggest quarterly sales gain in the past 13 years. The current strategy of integrating both brick-and-mortar locations and e-commerce is proving to be a winner, as its stock price has already seen a 28% increase in 2018. Keep it up, Tar-jay.

State regulators force changes for credit-reporting agencies ?

In 2015, the National Consumer Assistance Plan was created to limit credit-reporting errors by requiring credit bureaus to more accurately report consumer collection accounts. After the changes went into effect in 2017, the number of people with collections on their credit report fell from 33 million to 25 million, and the total balance of reported collections also dropped by $11 billion. Did you see any changes to your credit score?

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And now for your weekly Lionomics wrap-up. ?

Lionomics: Finance made easy ?

This week in #Lionomics, we dove into mutual funds and ETFs, discussing their virtues and drawbacks, and why ETFs may have the edge in terms of transparency, cost, and flexibility. Take a look and decide for yourself which reigns supreme! We also looked at how stocks are key to building long-term wealth (if you’re patient!) and what it means to be a stockholder.

Lastly, we covered bonds, the steady Eddies of investments, which guarantee fixed returns as long as the bond issuer remains healthy. When you need a stable friend and reliable income, bonds can help. Not as much growth potential as stocks, but essential for a balanced asset allocation.

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