Market update: Patience is a virtue


Trade policy speculation continued to affect the market this week. As of Thursday, we saw a three-day rise in stock prices (the first three-day rally in a month). But the Dow fell by as much as 400 points on Friday following Trump’s comment about adding $100 billion in tariffs on China.

Investors continue to struggle with the uncertainty brought about by Trump’s “trade war,” even as White House officials made statements trying to calm those concerns this week.

Earnings season and the jobs report##

Investors are beginning to focus on April earnings season. Earnings seasons are periods when publicly traded companies announce their quarterly earnings reports, helping investors see how those companies are performing.

For example, Bank of America Corporation (BAC) and Netflix (NFLX) — two of the 3,619 stocks in the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (as of 2-28-18) into which MoneyLion Plus members are invested — are expected to announce quarterly earnings on April 16. In general, strong corporate earnings are forecasted, and profit growth could help stocks rebound.

On Friday, the jobs report came out. Fewer jobs than expected were added, and wage growth was in line with expectations, which may help quiet inflation fears and concerns that the Federal Reserve may hike interest rates more aggressively than originally anticipated.

MoneyLion Plus investment approach

The robo-adviser offered as part of the MoneyLion Plus program invests your Plus portfolio into four highly liquid, low-fee Vanguard ETFs (VTI, VXUS, BND, and BNDX) to provide strategic exposure to stocks and bonds around the globe. “Highly liquid” means that the investment can typically be bought and sold easily at a stable price, because there are always lots of buyers and sellers of these ETFs.

Your diversified investments can help you benefit from short stock market rallies like the one we saw this week while potentially cushioning against stock market volatility (which we also saw this week) to help provide steady growth over the long haul.

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