Market update: Stock market down, quarterly earnings up

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Over the past two weeks, ==79.9% (as of 4/2/2018)== of companies that have reported first-quarter results have reported ==quarterly earnings and earnings per share (EPS) higher than analysts’ anticipated==. Yet still, the markets are down this week. This may seem strange, but it’s not unheard of. Could too much of a good thing actually be bad for the markets?

Too much of a good thing?

Quarterly earnings reports provide insight into how stocks may be valued in the future. When earning results exceed market expectations, stock market prices tend to rise. So why don’t strong results always boost the markets?

Historically, years with unexpectedly high-profit growth have often resulted in a market downturn. Sounds counterintuitive, but this may result from expectations getting so high that even strong market performance can’t keep up. Many investors have concerns that strong earnings may suggest the economy is overheating, meaning productivity is unable to keep pace with growing demand.

Be prepared for all market conditions

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In other market news

==Inflation== | ==mobile== continues to be a hot topic this week. In a statement released Wednesday, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced that it’s leaving interest rates unchanged. Inflation is now expected to run closer to its 2% target in the coming months.

The FOMC also suggested that the Fed will raise its benchmark rate four times in 2018, instead of the three previously planned. The next policy meeting is set for June, where experts say there is a ==94%== probability the Fed will hike interest rates.

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