Market update: Thanksgiving edition

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We’re thankful for you!

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express how much we appreciate each and every one of our incredible MoneyLion members. Your hard work and accomplishments impress and inspire us every day.

This week, instead of market news, we’re sharing our warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to our more than 3 million members. Enjoy a relaxing day with the ones you love.

Financial facts for your Thanksgiving chats

Want some no-fail conversation starters for your Thanksgiving table? Use these fun financial facts to impress your crew as you pass the gravy.

Load up on facts before the feast

Here are a few more nuggets of Lionomics wisdom to throw into the conversation on Thanksgiving day. You’ll totally be safe from a spot at the kids’ table if you’re dropping knowledge like this!

  • Liquidity refers to how fast an asset can be turned into cash.
  • Stocks & bonds are generally inversely correlated (they move in opposite directions).
  • Historically, the stock market’s annual return is around 7%, on average.
  • Over the last 100+ years, the market’s been up 57% of the time.
  • Rising stock prices = Bull market
  • Falling stock prices = Bear market
  • Emerging markets are cheaper relative to US, offering potential growth at a discount but higher risk.
  • The Dow tracks 30 companies considered indicators of their industries.
  • Warren Buffett said: “The stock market is a place for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”
  • Americans spend $670 million on turkey each Thanksgiving — Hope yours is delicious!
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