Market volatility and MoneyLion’s investment approach

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With coronavirus news dominating nearly everyone’s lives, we know that this is a stressful time with heightened volatility all around, and the markets are no exception. We want to take time to assure you that the markets have weathered storms like this before, and MoneyLion portfolios are built to withstand this one too.

Rest assured that you can stay focused on your family, friends, and community, and we’ll continue working to guide your investments toward long-term growth.

Markets have historically bounced back

The markets have seen volatility like this before, and history has shown us that investors who leave the markets on the bad days are more likely to miss out on benefitting from the best days later. Those who stay the course have typically done better over time. Learn more here.  

Managing and monitoring through the highs and lows

Here’s a little more on why you can trust that your investments are in good hands with MoneyLion and our research partner, Wilshire, even when things seem scary.

We’re closely monitoring the asset allocations of our recommended portfolios, which help balance your stock (equity) and bond (fixed income) ETFs. Recently, stock ETFs are taking harder hits than bond ETFs. You might see that your overall portfolio is decreasing in value, but this is largely due to stock performance. Bond ETFs are experiencing less volatility. The value of diversification shines in times like these. 

To keep you diversified and aligned to your risk preferences during this heightened volatility, we may buy and sell ETFs within your portfolio to maintain your ideal mix. As always, we’ll continue to trade and rebalance your portfolio at no cost to keep you on track. 

If your risk preferences change, you can adjust your portfolio in the MoneyLion app. For example, you may decide to switch to a Conservative or SteadyIncome portfolio comprising mostly bond ETFs to help lessen your exposure to volatility. Remember, though, that more conservative portfolios may lessen your exposure to returns in a healthy market.

Staying the course, even in the most challenging times

When you invest with MoneyLion, you’re in a fully managed, balanced portfolio, and we’ll always work hard to keep you on the right track, even during this period of market volatility like this. When everything feels stressful, don’t let your investment account be one of them. We’ve got this.

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