Meet Dani C., customer service superstar

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As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re interviewing some Latinx members of the MoneyLion team. Meet Daniela C., a Customer Service Team Lead in our Salt Lake City, UT, office. Learn how she dives into each day with a positive attitude to help our customers get ahead financially.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in West Jordan, UT. My father migrated from Mexico before I was born in search of better opportunities. He met my mother and established a family, but was deported back to Mexico while I was still very young. Despite the distance, we are still close and I am grateful for social media, which allows me to keep in touch with him.

Growing up I enjoyed playing soccer and dance. Currently, my hobbies include scuba diving, and I recently went to St. George Island to do so. I often go visit my mom and siblings to hang out and catch up on my days off.

What makes you proud to be Latinx?

Watching my family never give up on their goals and not allowing obstacles to hold them back makes me a proud Latina. It has inspired me to push myself to do better in all areas of my life and reach for my dreams.

I am also proud of the food and culture that I was raised with. My favorite dish is Pozole, which is a traditional soup from Mexico that my family makes. One of my idols is Selena Quintanilla Perez because she inspired so many through her music and kind nature.

What do you do at MoneyLion?

I started at MoneyLion in January of 2018 as a customer service agent and then was later promoted to Customer Service Team Lead. My job is to make sure that my team has all the resources needed to answer customer questions and concerns. I make sure MoneyLion customers are happy by monitoring phone calls and documenting key metrics to make sure the entire team is meeting goals.

What do you enjoy about working at MoneyLion?

I enjoy working at MoneyLion because it gives me the opportunity to interact with customers and lead other employees on a daily basis. The work environment is always so positive, and it makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.

How has your background impacted your work at MoneyLion?

I believe that my background has helped me to better connect with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It has helped me to build stronger relationships when speaking with customers, as I am empathetic and understanding of their financial situation. It is important for me to be accepting of others within my workplace, and I strive to create that environment for all.

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