MoneyLion Plus vs. credit cards: We have a winner


Have you considered a loan as a credit card alternative? Both represent borrowing money — either from a credit card company or a lender. What matters is: Who will give you the best rate and terms, and who will help you build your credit, not punish you for borrowing?

The answer is MoneyLion Plus.

Borrow, build credit, and invest to save

With MoneyLion Plus, you get access to a $500 5.99% APR loan whenever you need it, with no need to reapply. Good credit isn’t required, and we report your payments to the major bureaus to help build your credit.

On the other hand, most credit cards for people with less-than-perfect credit offer annual APR rates from 20% to 30% and require a security deposit. ? No help included.

If you join MoneyLion Plus and use your 5.99% APR loan instead of a high-interest card, you can save big in total interest over a year:

  • $500 5.99% APR loan: pay $16.15
  • $500 revolving credit card balance at 30% APR: pay $75.10

True story of Plus power:

"I started using MoneyLion Plus because of the $500 5.99% APR loan. I took it to pay off my $500 credit card that had 23.99% interest rate." — Hector P., MoneyLion Plus member

Get credit-builder loans and rewards

When you have Plus, you can also get monthly Lion’s Share payouts up to $19.99/month just for swiping through your personalized tip cards in the mobile app and using your MoneyLion Visa Debit Card. You’ll get $10 every time you refer a friend to Plus, and you’ll have a chance to win up to $2,000 for every three referrals you make. Good luck finding a credit card that offers you cashback bonuses like these.

Say bye to high-interest credit cards and debt

Whether you want to build your credit, fund a purchase, or pay off high-interest debt, why not get repeat access to $500 5.99% APR loans while investing for the future at the same time with MoneyLion Plus?


MoneyLion Plus general disclosure: MoneyLion Plus membership required. View full terms and conditions here.

MoneyLion Plus investment account: * Not FDIC Insured or Bank Guaranteed * May Lose Value. The guided investment account is subject to risks, including but not limited to the loss of principal. Not bank or FDIC insured. This advertisement should not be construed as a recommendation regarding the suitability of purchasing a particular security or securities in general.

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