Online Payday Loans in Nebraska with 0% APR

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When bills are high and money’s low, how do you find relief until the next payday? For many credit-challenged consumers, payday loans seem like the only option. But are they? 

Keep reading to learn more about how they work in Nebraska, and if there are more viable products to give your bank account a slight boost. 

Options For Payday Loans in Nebraska 

The payday industry is regulated by Nebraska’s Department of Banking and Finance. 

You can apply for a payday loan in Nebraska at a physical location or online. If you apply in person, you will leave with the funds in hand. But if you apply online, loan proceeds will be deposited into your bank account within 1 business day. And when the due date arrives, the lender will withdraw the loan amount plus any applicable interest in fees from your bank account. 


If you are a US citizen or permanent resident that’s at least 18 years old with a verifiable source of income, you may qualify for a payday loan in Nebraska. When applying, the lender will also request:

  • A copy of your driver’s license or government-issued photo identification 
  • Your physical address and phone number 
  • Your Social Security number
  • A recent pay stub or bank statement 
  • Your routing and checking account number (the account must be able to receive direct deposits) 

Credit Affects

Credit checks aren’t required to get a payday loan in Nebraska. Lenders examine your income sources to confirm you have the means to repay the loan, and a higher interest rate is assessed to offset any risk. For this reason, these loans cater to credit-challenged customers as there are minimal barriers to entry. 

Loan activity isn’t reported to the credit bureaus unless you fail to repay what you owe and the account is turned over to a collection agency. If that happens and you don’t make arrangements with the debt collector, they may report it as a collection account to the credit bureaus. This negative mark means bad news for your score and linger for 7 years on your credit report. 


Nebraska state law allows you to take out 2 loans at a time. Once you’ve paid in full, there’s no cooling-off period before you can apply for another loan

Max Loan Amount

Per Neb. Stat. Ann. §§ 45-901, payday lenders can extend loans of up to $500 with a maximum repayment period of 34 days. The finance fee is capped at $15 per $100 borrowed, which equates to an APR of 460%


Payday lenders are not permitted to grant rollovers on unpaid loans. However, you may be able to work out a payment arrangement to avoid negative consequences for your credit. 

Also, know that you may be subject to a $15 insufficient funds fee from the lender if you’re unable to pay when the loan is due. 

Payday Loan Alternatives in Nebraska

Not too fond of payday loans? If you have credit cards with available credit, you can use them and pay off what you spend when the next payday rolls around. You can also borrow the funds from a relative or friend, but get the agreement in writing so both parties are on the same page. 

A few more options to access the cash you need: 


Want a cash advance without the fees? Even if you have less than perfect credit, Instacash from MoneyLion is worth considering.

You can get a fee-free loan for up to $250 to hold you over for a few weeks. There are no credit checks, and you won’t pay a dime in interest since it comes with a 0% APR. 

It’s easy to apply for an Instacash cash advance. Select signup from the MoneyLion Instacash page, enter your phone number and download the mobile app through the link sent to you. Create a profile and link your checking account to learn how much you qualify for. If approved, request the amount you’d like and the funds will arrive in your bank account in minutes. 

Find An Online Loan In Nebraska

InstacashLocal Payday Lender
How Much Can You Borrow?$250$470
Fees & Interest$0460%
Credit CheckNoSometimes
AvailabilityOnline & MobileIn-Store Only
Wait TimeInstantlySame day
Next StepsSign Up

Get The Cash You Need Today! 

Don’t let payday lenders take advantage of you in your time of need. Seek other options that are better for your finances. 

Try an Instacash cash advance to get the money you need without paying a fortune in interest.

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