Online Payday Loans in Nevada with 0% APR


Do you live in Nevada and need fast cash? A loan from the bank could be an option if you didn’t have credit challenges, and all your credit cards are maxed out.

You could drive to the strip in Las Vegas and test your luck at a few casinos. However, a payday loan seems like a more viable alternative to help you get over the hump. 

They’re easy to get and your credit score isn’t a deal-breaker, but what if there were far better options out there? Keep reading to delve into how payday loans in Nevada work and if you should consider other loan products that are safer and more beneficial to your financial health. 

Options For Payday Loans in Nevada

Payday lending in Nevada is regulated by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division. Lenders must adhere to the regulations set forth in Nevada Stat. 604A.010 et seq. 2017 Chapter 274.

Also known as deferred deposit or high-interest loans, payday loans are available at brick-and-mortar locations and online. Here’s what you need to know before getting a loan.


Nevada residents who meet the following criteria may qualify for a payday loan: 

  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • A reliable, verifiable source of income
  • Valid driver’s license or state-issued photo identification card
  • A checking account in their name that’s in good standing and can receive deposits 

Not all payday lenders are the same, though. You may be asked to provide additional information when submitting your application. 

Credit Affects

Payday lenders do not pull your credit when you apply for a loan, and account activity is not reported to the credit bureaus. However, your credit score could be damaged if you default on the loan. More on that shortly. 


There is no cooling-off period between loans, and state law doesn’t specify how many loans you can have at a time.

Max Loan Amount

Nevada residents can borrow up to 25% of their gross monthly income for 35 days. So, if your earnings for the month are $3,000, the payday loan you receive cannot exceed $750. 

It’s important to know that finance rates are not capped on payday loans in Nevada. So, lenders can charge you an exorbitant amount of interest that makes the loan unaffordable. (If you default on the loan, the interest rate must not exceed the prime rate of the largest bank in Nevada plus an additional 10%). 


What if the due date rolls around and funds are still low? The transaction will be returned to the lender as unpaid by your financial institution. They will charge you an NSF fee, and you’ll also be subject to a $25 dishonored check fee by your lender. 

State law prohibits the lender from charging more than 2 NSF fees and 1 closed account fee. But you may be responsible for attorney’s fees and court costs if the lender files a lawsuit to recover what they’re owed. 

However, you can notify the lender beforehand that you’re unable to pay. They may offer you a repayment that allows you to settle the balance within 60 days.

Payday Loan Alternatives in Nevada

Searching for payday loan alternatives in Nevada? Before you resort to a lender to get you over the hump, tap into the resources you already have at your disposal. Use your credit card to purchase what you need and repay the charges on your next payday. Or ask a relative or friend for a small loan.

Still no luck? Here are a few more loan products to consider: 


Get a cash advance, but without the interest of heavy fees, through Instacash from MoneyLion. You may qualify for up to $250, depending on your deposit activity.

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  • View your offer from Instacash.
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Nevada can be especially risky when obtaining a cash advance or payday loan since their laws are very relaxed when it comes to lender fees. Without a solid baseline or cap to what these predatory lenders can charge you, you could end up at the mercy of a lender for borrowing a few hundred dollars. 

Don’t get caught in a payday loan cycle riddled with fees, try Instacash from MoneyLion and know exactly what you are paying for, not a penny more.  

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