Our completely redesigned mobile app will help you achieve financial wellness

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After listening to your feedback, we’ve released a completely redesigned mobile app!

We’ve made some significant improvements to the usability and usefulness of the app so that you can better understand, track, and optimize your finances.

Note: don’t miss these points earning opportunities that you can use to redeem a gift card:

– The first time you download the app and link an account you’ll earn 500 points.

– The first time you sign up for Free Credit Monitoring you’ll earn 250 points.

Learn more about MoneyLion’s Rewards program at https://www.moneylion.com/rewards/


Here’s a quick primer on what’s new.

Everything you care about, in one dashboard

<img src=”/content/images/2016/09/moneylionapp_small-1.gif” alt=”Mobile App Dashboard” style=”width: 300px;”/ align=”left”>
Easily see a daily view of your finances, from your net worth, credit health, or loan status just by swiping the main image.

When you scroll down on the main dashboard you’ll see highlights of your recent bank deposits and payments, upcoming bills, credit alerts, spending transactions, and our most recent blog posts.

One of the powerful free tools we offer customers is our Credit Simulator tool, which allows you to see how different financial actions could impact your credit score.

This tool is especially useful if you’re building, repairing, or want to maintain your credit. The Credit Simulator tool will show you whether your credit score will go up or down when you get a new loan or credit card, don’t make a payment on time, pay off a debt balance, and more.

Altogether you can simulate more than 13 different financial actions.

Tailored advice unique to your financial picture

<img src=”/content/images/2016/09/[email protected]” alt=”Ways to Save” style=”width: 300px;”/ align=”left”>
Coming soon: stay tuned because we’ll soon be rolling out tailored advice and recommendations to help you save money each month. We’re calling it “Ways to Save” and the idea is that when you connect your bank, investment, and credit card accounts we’ll look at your transactions to find opportunities where you can save money each month.

Spending too much on eating out, morning coffees, or even NSF (non-sufficient fund) fees when your bank balances dips below $0? We’re working on ways to keep you in the know so that you can keep more money in your pocket.


Don’t have the MoneyLion mobile app yet? Download it today and try out the new app – all for free.

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