Plus power: Daniel A. is investing in his future (vacation)

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Small changes lead to big results

MoneyLion Plus members have reached a major milestone — investing over $1 million in just 3.5 months. Congrats to the Plus pride! Are you feeling any MoneyLion Plus FOMO yet?

Today we’re highlighting MoneyLion Plus member Daniel A., a creative graphic designer who is investing toward a year-end vacation. ? Daniel joined MoneyLion Plus because he was looking for an alternative to traditional banks, finding a secure place to build up his savings and receive excellent service.

Let’s hear from Daniel:

The best decision I have made

My motivation to enter the MoneyLion family was to find a place where I felt safe saving money outside of a traditional bank, where I feel confident, and receive good customer service. Before joining, I researched online, on Facebook, and in the comments of the app to know more about this option to save and invest. Today I can say that I did not regret it, and joining Plus was the best decision I have made.

My favorite features

The best feature that MoneyLion has is letting me view all of my money accounts in one place. I like to save money for take a vacation once a year, and that is my goal with MoneyLion.

My favorite features of Plus are two things. I like that by paying the monthly fee of $79, at the end of the month, you end up having a free membership since they give you $1 a day when you visit the app plus the $50 that you include in your investment account.

Another favorite feature is the group of Plus members on Facebook — the interaction of the staff and the dynamics that are given as motivation to stay active and have the opportunity to earn more points for rewards. The financial advice helps me understand finance and know how to manage and maintain a healthy financial state.

The most impressive thing is your loan

The most impressive and interesting thing you can find in MoneyLion Plus is your loan. The accessibility and the percentage of interest that you have to pay for this loan makes you feel confident that you can acquire it and only pay a minimum amount for it. MoneyLion definitely thinks about its members and how to help us.

I love the rewards

The most I like is that MoneyLion rewards you for interacting and completing things that are easy to do. I am a very active buyer in online stores, and I always look for ways to save (that’s why I’m with MoneyLion) with discounts or gift cards.

Eyes on the future

Daniel uses MoneyLion to check his credit score for free, and he’s hoping to see his score go up because we report his Plus loan payments to the credit bureaus. When we asked Daniel if there’s anything he’d add to the app, he thought a chat/messenger feature where members could connect could be cool. Something we may think about for the future! For now, the Facebook group enables members to share stories, support, and answers 24×7.

Ready to start investing in your goals?

Join MoneyLion Plus today to get a guided investment account, access to 5.99% APR loans, and $1/day cashback — as well as a $10 sign-up bonus. Learn more in the MoneyLion app or at

P.S. Plus also offers the most generous referral program around — awarding you up to $2,000 for referrals! Learn more.


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