Plus power: Martha K. invests in her plan to buy a house

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February 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month, which is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans throughout history!

In honor of the occasion, we spoke with Martha K., a leader in her community and MoneyLion Plus member. She is a talented human resources professional and educator working hard to make the world a better place. We’re excited she chose MoneyLion Plus to help her invest for the future as she pursues her goal of buying a home in 2019.

Let’s hear from Martha:

I love the app!

Once I started looking around the MoneyLion site, I was quite impressed. The site is very user-friendly. I love the app as well! It is also user-friendly.

I log in faithfully every day. I get excited daily when I check in to see new articles and tips. And I’m still getting used to what MoneyLion Plus has to offer.

MoneyLion will help me stay on track

I’ve wanted to look into investing for quite some time. I think this is an easy way to get started, and the membership is manageable. I am looking forward to seeing how the investment function works.

I want to buy a house in 2019, because I’m sick of renting, and I hope MoneyLion will help me stay on track.

The loan process was quick and easy!

Oh, and the loan process was quick and easy! I had a question, which was addressed promptly. Don’t want to forget about the affordable bi-weekly payments either.

MoneyLion Plus is going to help me

I have some work to do with my credit. MoneyLion Plus is going to help me for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how the investment side works out as well. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress!!

Martha plans to take advantage of our credit tools

Martha also told us she plans to explore the app’s free Credit Monitoring and Credit Simulator tool soon, as she’s still getting to know all the features of the app. Plus membership is also helping her build her credit by reporting her loan payments to the credit bureaus.

Ready to get ahead with MoneyLion Plus?

We’re so happy that Plus meets Martha’s needs for a manageable way to start investing and that access to an affordable loan helps her stay on track. It’s also fabulous that she logs in daily to get her $1/day cashback. Now it’s your turn to borrow, save, invest, and build your credit. Start today with MoneyLion Plus or learn more in the MoneyLion app.


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