Plus power: Tanya W. takes control of her finances and credit


We hope last week’s profile of Dorothy Z. inspired you to take small steps toward financial health using MoneyLion Plus and the MoneyLion app. This week, we’re excited to tell you about Plus member Tanya W.

Tanya’s enthusiasm, optimism, and hard work can motivate anyone to look on the bright side and take charge. A single mom of four and self-employed, Tanya enjoys being her own boss and is focused on achieving financial freedom. We’re honored to have her in the MoneyLion pride!

Let’s hear from Tanya:

I absolutely love the app

I decided on MoneyLion because of the free credit score and free credit monitoring at first, but as I learned more about the company and what it does, I had to be more of a part of it. I absolutely love the app and everything about it.

I am working on financial freedom with their help

MoneyLion Plus offers awesome loan rates, even for people like me with less-than-perfect credit. I am a single mom of four, and thanks to MoneyLion, I am working on financial freedom with their help.

I have another app I tried, but I never got any results, and they had no incentives and advice like MoneyLion Plus does.

Keep going — never give up

My advice to others is to download the free MoneyLion app and join MoneyLion Plus. Make sure you check into the app and scroll through your cards daily to get the $1/day cashback bonus. And I actually do use the advice on the cards.

Keep going, and never give up! They are here to help. Oh, and make sure you use the rewards program! I usually redeem my points for Walmart and Amazon gift cards. It has helped me in many ways. Happy investing in your future, everyone!

I will be in a better spot financially this time next year

As a single mom who has struggled her whole life, I am finally able to invest in our future. I am finally reaching goals and seeing results. I love the support and the way the app was developed. I believe because of MoneyLion I will be in a better spot financially this time next year.

Tanya wants more tips on building credit

Tanya also told us: “I would like to see more cards on repairing credit.” So stay tuned! In the meantime, use the app’s free Credit Monitoring and Credit Simulator tool, which shows you specific ways to improve your credit and by how much. For Plus members, we also report loan payments to the credit bureaus to help your credit.

It’s your turn to get ahead with MoneyLion Plus

We’re so impressed by Tanya’s commitment to her financial health, and so happy that our products align to her goals. Are you ready to borrow, save, invest, and improve your credit too? Start today with MoneyLion Plus or learn more in the MoneyLion app.


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