Robo-advisors offer easy, lower-cost investing for all

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A growing number of people are choosing robo-advisors — the convenient middle ground between do-it-yourself investing and a financial advisor. Whether you’re a first-time investor or more experienced, robo-advisors offer an attractive combination of:

  • Low-cost access to guided investing and financial advice
  • Ease of using apps and websites rather than in-person advisors

Here’s how most robo-advisors work

You simply answer a few questions on the robo-advisor’s website or mobile app and receive a customized portfolio in minutes. The robo-advisor seeks to create a portfolio that balances expected returns (how much money you could make) with risk (how much money you could lose) based on your goals, age, and other factors.

Robo-advisors typically steer you toward low-cost index mutual funds that track the shares of an index like the S&P 500 and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). An ETF is essentially a basket of stocks and bonds. Historically, stocks have had higher rates of investment return over longer time frames, but there’s also higher risk of values fluctuating over shorter time frames. Bonds are lower risk investments, but they also have lower expected returns. A portfolio mix of 60% stocks and 40% bonds is industry standard for seeking moderate growth while minimizing large fluctuations in portfolio value. (To learn more, read MoneyLion explains: What’s the stock market? or visit our FAQ).

Compared to investing on your own, robo-advisors can save you countless hours of research, challenging decisions, and potentially risk. Some of them have investment minimums (from $500 to $50,000 or more), and while their fees can vary, robo-advisors typically charge a fraction of what a financial advisor would.

Why choose MoneyLion Plus

There are many robo-advisors out there, but MoneyLion Plus is the only one that combines access to a 5.99% APR loan with a guided investment account, as well as cashback and a generous rewards system, so you can tackle unexpected expenses today while investing for the future.

MoneyLion Plus membership costs $79 a month, but that amount is broken up according to your pay dates. That’s all you need to start. With on-time payments, you’ll earn $50 a month deposited into your MoneyLion Plus investment account. You can earn another $1 a day simply by swiping through your tip cards in the app — allowing you to invest your entire $79 membership fee or more every month! You can invest more at any time at no additional cost.

With MoneyLion Plus, your portfolio will be invested in low-cost ETFs (60% stocks and 40% bonds) to seek moderate growth while minimizing large changes in value. We also diversify your ETF investments so that roughly 75% is invested in the U.S. and 25% invested internationally. The reason for this split is to give you global exposure so that if the U.S. (or international) economy does not perform well, your portfolio is not all invested in U.S. (or international) companies.

Start investing for your future today

Plus was specifically designed to give everyone a way to save, invest, and borrow, helping you reach $2,000 in two years. Good credit is not required. It also offers personalized financial advice in the app and helps you build your credit. Start today with MoneyLion Plus or learn more in the MoneyLion app. You’ll get $10 when you sign up!

MoneyLion Plus general disclosure: MoneyLion Plus membership required. View full terms and conditions ==[here](
MoneyLion Plus investment account: * Not FDIC Insured or Bank Guaranteed * May Lose Value. The guided investment account is subject to risks, including but not limited to the loss of principal. Not bank or FDIC insured. This advertisement should not be construed as a recommendation regarding the suitability of purchasing a particular security or securities in general.

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